Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tactical Squad Primus

Tactical Squad Primus of the 4th Company

Size: Ten Man Squad
Leader: Veteran Sgt.
Wargear: power armour, bolt pistols, frag / krak grenades, bolters
Special Equipment: flamer, missile launcher, and Veteran Sgt. gear
Naming Convention: Squad Primus is the first Dark angels squad of my army. These are old, about twelve years back, and the first of the second edition Aquila (eagle) armored MkVII's, also the first metal marines I picked up. They've been fully painted this whole time, it just took some tweaking to refurbish them for combat readiness. Sure, Squad Antiquis is older, but these guys were my first, hence the name Squad Primus. Oh, and I used to listen to Les Claypool's outfit quite a bit back in the day.

Veteran Sergeant Andronicus

Brother Andronicus wears modified MkVI power armor with prominent Terminator honors on both shoulder and hanging from his belt. He is armed with a MkVI pattern bolter, frag and krak grenades, and a holstered bolt pistol. He also carries a teleport homing beacon. Squad Primus has served the 4th Company of the Dark Angels for centuries now, and are usually among the first troops to hit dirtside during a military action. Their role in the upcoming Trucidos campaign seems a foregone conclusion.

The special weapons of Squad Primus; a pre-Heresy pattern plasma rifle, and a Damocles pattern missile launcher loaded down with both frag and krak missiles.

Three troopers with the short-lived Aquila pattern bolters. From a modeling/painting standpoint, these are my least favorite of the marine bolters. Superficially these all look the same, but like the rest of the squad, there's three distinct figures here. On the left is a third edition MkVII, in the center is the original MkVII (and much smaller), and on the right is a metal Space Wolf Grey Hunter model.

Two troopers with combat knives drawn. The one on the left has armor adornments, and the one on the right sports squad leader markings on his leg.

Again you can see significant size differences between the more modern MkVII on the left, and the smaller original on the right. The one on the left is also slightly converted to show him about to slam a fresh magazine into his empty bolter.

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