Sunday, December 7, 2008

Terrain Workshop

Terrain tornado touches down

From chaos, hopefully, great terrain will be born. If you read this at all you know we're about to kick off a 40k campaign in a similar vein to the 'Tale of Four Gamers' feature running online and in White Dwarf magazine, which has been enjoyable to follow actually. The catch here is that building terrain, not building armies, is the focus of our campaign. Our last game session tried to get a foothold on this very concept as we dove deep into the bots boxes.

Some of Ray's future Imperial buildings

We cut a bunch of squares out of MDF board in different sizes ranging from 6x6 to 12x12. These will form the bases for the rest of our projects. This way, no matter how different all the pieces come out, they'll share common ground in how they're based. Trying something new for rubble; cheap clay kitty litter. Once a white glue and water mixture is applies, it should clump up nicely.

Assembling more Imperial buildings

The family sized can of refried beans is a great starter for a stout little bunker. I picture there being at least a level or two below ground. I used mesh screen over the floor on the top level for grating and the rest should be visually obvious; cat litter, pvc piece, cardboard, plastic bulkheads...

It's a tight squeeze, but by using the larger family sized can, you're able to fit an entire ten-man squad up top. I put a hatch in the floor (nonworking) which makes standing flush and level a tad difficult, but it wouldn't have looked right without it.

The last of my initial terrain projects will be this Land Raider wreckage. I've had this model as long as I've had all my other ancient 40k stuff, and it has seen better days. Here is a case where nostalgia however just doesn't hold a candle to the new hotness. I will not be painting this up in Dark Angels colors, haha, but I do see them getting a lot of use out of this piece. I'll attempt to absolutely cover it in overgrown foliage, and it'll be a nice little oasis for a squad of infiltrating scouts, or Kroot, or the like.

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