Wednesday, December 31, 2008

An Objective Point of View

A trio of objective markers

Getting in at the last minute with some more points for the month of December in our Trucidos campaign. During the campaign you can make up to six objective markers, at any time, and get one point for each for them. Basically that's just one a month, but since these were kinda 'themed' together, I did three this month. I figure I should do them while I had the chance and not wait until the very end, when I'll probably be furiously painting figs to get up to 2,000 points!

Two drums and a kerosene can rest on wooden planks

I've had these drums and fuel cans around forever, heh, since 3rd edition 40k came out, sheesh, ten years ago. I had snagged up a couple of the boxed sets, and these were extras included on some sprues that I never got around to using...until now. There were also some tank traps, dragon teeth and the like too, which I'll be using in some upcoming terrain projects.

Three drums on rusty steel platform

These are supposed to have been lying around on the surface of this planet, untouched, for at least a couple hundred years, more or less, so I wanted them to look worn and weathered, but I also wanted them to be brightly color. I undercoated the barrels in black, then drybrushed on a chunky white. After that I brushed on some craft paint orange, followed up by some red wash along the can creases and Devlan Mud wash around the gaskets. Lastly I highlighted with a watery pumpkin orange, and before it dried completely I blotted it most of it off with a paper towel, leaving some rough texture and taking away paint layers on some of the edges. The platforms the barrels rest on were made out of broken tongue depressors as well as a small sheet of plastic from an old Land Raider kit. These were painted with Snakebite Leather, Vermin Brown, and an ink wash.

The tire is from an oversized Matchbox dune buggy

I went once again to my venerable pile of old water slide transfers to make the barrels more 'official' looking. On an Ork Stormboyz sheet I used some icons of red lightning bolts inside an outlined, red square. I thought those look good enough for some kind of 'caution!' warning. The black Imperial Eagles were from some very old Blood Angel transfers than I have and make a nice touch, I wish had more of those. For basing size I used 40mm Warmachine bases, I like these because of their beveled edges.

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