Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy 2009 everyone! Just three years away from the Great Mayan "We told you so"! This is going to be a good year for gaming, I hope, among other things. I posted the pic above from Fallout 3, which I got for Christmas, and which has been amazing so far.

On top of some video gaming, tabletop gaming, terrain making, and what-not, I'll be doing some spring cleaning in other areas of my life as well; professionally, socially, physically, etc.

Andy posted something a while back about the Frugal Gamer blog, which is a neat idea and I wish that fellow the best of luck. One of his easiest money-saving geek tip is to paint what you already have...what a novel idea, and I've got plenty boxed up.

You'll notice on the right hand side I have a '2009 Totals' block, which I'll be keeping track of, well, the things listed there! My goal is to keep my number of painted models higher than the number of models I've bought, hopefully 2:1 or better. I also would like to see my terrain number steadily rise (cause I'm finally realizing how awesome good terrain makes the game), and last but not least is the number of games played. This will include pretty much anything, from Munchkin and Arkham Horror, to 40k, Blood Bowl, etc.

That's it in a nutshell, here's to a great '09 for you and yours!


  1. Boardgamegeek has the ability to track the games you play. I started to do it, forgot about it, and started again...

  2. I may check that out, but it's just "one more thing" to track, haha...