Saturday, January 24, 2009

Assault Squad Icarus

Assault Squad Icarus of the 4th Company

Size: Ten Man Squad
Leader: Veteran Sgt.
Wargear: bolt pistols, grenades, close combat weapons, jump packs
Special Equipment: flamer, Veteran Sgt. gear
Naming Convention: Being jump pack equipped troops, their name wasn't too much of a stretch, Icarus being the Greek God whose flight too close to the sun caused his death. In this case, it is the arrival of the Dark Angels from such heights that spell the enemy's doom.

Back in the 'old days', ahem, models armed with a bladed sword of some kind (power, chain, force, etc.) were able to 'parry' in melee, which meant forcing your opponent to reroll a number of their attack dice equal to how many swords you had in the combat, if you wanted. That's not the case any more, and power swords are much more rare these days too, so for all intents these troopers are armed with bolt pistols, and "close combat" weapons. There's a couple of plasma pistols thrown into the mix for posterity, as well as a flamer armed trooper, which was another option not available in the old days. The squad's Veteran Sergeant, Muša, is equipped with a power fist.

The overall squad is broken down into two five-man combat teams with a plasma pistol in each five-man 'flight'. The above combat squad is lead by Veteran Sergeant Muša.

The second flight combat squad contains the second plasma pistol, as well as the flamer armed trooper.

Taking a suggestion from Andy, who in turn took a note from his Witch Hunters codex, this flamethrower trooper is actually armed with two hand flamers, Sister Seraphim style.

Both combat squads were painted with different colored jump packs; one squad being black, the other green. This helps in differentiating them on the tabletop, especially if they're fielded as separate force organization chart choices.


  1. Thanks! I actually have been enjoying painting lately, I've got the base coats on another ten tactical marines as we poor Xbox is getting dusty!