Friday, January 23, 2009

Librarian By-tor

Prince By-tor was found by the Dark Angels chapter while on a primitive death world not unlike their now destroyed planet of Caliban. The prince's exploits were well known, and when he was first encountered by the Dark Angels, they could tell he had abilities far above average, and a latent, untapped psychic potential laid within. He still carries the same massive blade he had the "wizards" of his home world forge for him. It was made to his specifications that, according to him, "came in a waking dream" and yet there is no difference between his blade, the Black Sun, and the force weapons found in the chapter's armory crafted by Techmarines.

Many natives to the planet were indoctrinated into the chapter that campaign, death worlds are notorious for sturdy recruits, but they went straight to the Scout companies, but not By-tor. He was whisked off by the Librarians and Chaplains of the chapter to the Inner Sanctum; they needed to first determine if he had become susceptible to the Warp, miraculously, he had not.

As with many, many of my Dark Angels, Prince By-tor here was an easy refurbishment. He needed to be based to match the rest of the growing army, which was quick and easy. The only other thing was his backpack, which needed to be switched out since he obviously had a Black Templars one on. The great pack he's wearing came from the Dark Angels veterans box, and it also painted up quickly (plus, it just looks cool). I added a little bleached bone to the robes, and looking at these pics, I'm going to add some light green highlights to the edges of the armor.

The figure, obviously, isn't a Dark Angels fig, but a Black Templars Emperor's Champion model instead. It fell under the category of being 'too cool' to pass up though. This particular model was one of GW's "limited editions", very limited, you could only get it for two days (May 20th / 21st) back in 2000 during GW's 25th anniversary event. You could also get it in this boxed set, but it was also limited to the anniversary weekend, and since it was pricey, and such an eclectic mix of figs, I don't think too many picked it up.

Enter the champion,
Prince By-Tor appears to battle for freedom from chains of long years
The spell has been broken...the Dark Lands are bright.
The Wraith of the Necromancer soars
away in the night.

Stealthily attacking
By-Tor slays his foe
The men are free to run now
From labyrinths below

EDIT: I did go back and add some brighter green line highlights to the armor