Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Rat's Nest

I braved single digit temperatures to take these pics today, and it's with a sigh of relief that I'm officially done with my January terrain obligations! Here's the last piece, the "Rat's Nest". Fluff wise I imagine it as a wrecked Blood Angels Land Raider, that's been shanty-rigged up with concrete rubble reinforcements for armor and additional room added on using a variety of scavenged building materials and whatever scrap and what-not was on hand.

Plenty of cover, and enough room to squeeze / shoot through as needed

Extra armor on all sides means this will protect more like a bunker, rather than "rough terrain" on the tabletop. At first I thought all the color would work against it, but I really wanted to emphasize it looking like it was built from half a dozen different pieces. In the end, it worked much better than I thought, though it still needs a blast or two of Dull Cote.

I guess this would be the 'rear view', although it doesn't really have a front facing. The busted tread here provides enough chest high cover for a squad of five. Ten total can fit if you put troopers inside the wreck; twelve if you stick a couple of guys up top!

My homage to Turn Signals on a Land Raider!

It's footprint overall is only a six inch square, but it has fairly large table presence. Putting the extra 'floor' up top added a good deal of height, and it is based on a fairly large tank chassis after all, even though the new Land Raider kit is absolutely massive. Shown here with a marine sniper...who I think will be a frequent visitor!

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