Wednesday, April 15, 2009

200th Post!

A new milestone for the blog; we're two hundred posts old!

Looking at the category labels over on the left, it looks like sci-fi by far sees the most content on here, with both 40k specific posts and general fantasy being in a close running tie for second place. Sports, Rush, and Squats are coming in dead last.

Two hundred posts later and I feel pretty good about this whole blogging 'thing' in general, it fills in the gaps I was missing before from being a member on so many forums in. I've met some good people through the From the Warp hub and am now part of a nifty blog-ring of 40k enthusiasts that I'm getting a lot of inspiration from. People's comments on here go a long way, and I try to answer or comment on every last one of them, hearing from folk the world over is quite enjoyable for me, so keep 'em coming please.

I've fine tuned and tweaked the blog here and there to be a little leaner and meaner, and I added the 2009 Totals to the right hand column. It keeps me honest (and focused!) and looking at it keeps me on track. I'm sad to report the Trucidos Campaign looks all but extinct, but the good news is that it looks like there will be more roleplaying to report on in the near future. We also have a another mini-con coming up in early summer that will be fun to report on too. Lastly, I added a SiteMeter and am incredibly surprised that I'm getting close to a thousand page views a week! That kind of blows me away, so thanks to all the readers out there.


  1. You are a blogging God,man!

  2. Congrats to 200!

    First time I stumble in and I have to say, that there's a lot of interesting stuff to be found here. This will take me some time to digest...hopefully my boss won't catch me :)

  3. Thanks Klaus, welcome aboard! Oz, you should go twitter about my blogliness.