Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lego City: Police

I have pretty much never been interested in any Lego genre other than Space and Castle. Okay, a lot of their licensed products are cool too, like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Batman. All right, I like the Power Miners fact, anything BUT city is good to go. However, very recently there's been a new Lego fan pop up in the household, and their interest fills this city0void niche nicely...and opened my eyes to how cool city sets really are.

#7743 Police Command Center

This is a great set and comes with plenty of pieces. It encompasses some neat build techniques, and although it requires a tad more time and skill than usual, it does a great job breaking it up into easily managed chunks. The trailer opens up and reveals a neat little command center, hence the name, ans it detaches from the cab as well. One of the side compartments slides out as well, and it includes a quadrunner to boot. It includes three officers and a hoodlum. The set also includes a small checkpoint building.

The aforementioned hoodlum

The boys in blue; Lego City's Finest

#7741 Police Helicopter
Police helicopter shot the sky
Police helicopter landin' on my eye
Police helicopter takes a nose-dive
Police helicopter, he ain't shy
Aw! -Red Hot Chili Peppers
For a ten buck set, the Police Helicopter ain't too shabby. It includes a single pilot, and a nifty chopper. The chopper is interesting because it's obviously built for one, but styled on the outside to look like a much smaller scale Huey. I've got a bit of an issue with the cockpit; you have to remove the entire rotor blade section and roof just to access it, which isn't exactly convenient.

#7236 Police Car

If the chopper wasn't bad for ten bucks, then the Police Car at six bucks is a steal. It's a neat little build, and comes with an officer and speed radar station. It also sports that intangible 'swooshability' that makes an appearance every now and then. It is shown here with the checkpoint from the Command Center, and the dog comes from the #5612 Police Officer impulse set, a good little set as well.