Friday, April 24, 2009

The Army of Shadowdale

The liberators of Shadowdale, toppling the Zhentarim network.

Nine, Ghostwise Halfling Mystic Theurge

Rhystell, Wood Elf Fighter

Eö Starfall, Star Elf Bard

Nonamé, Moon Elf Rogue

Meti Kumawatti, Human Cleric of Mulhorand

Thorik, Shield Dwarf Barbarian

Collect all six!


  1. The "Army of Shadowdale?" What happened to the "Dale Liberation Front" or Andy's favorite "Dale Qaeda"?

  2. Well, it was quite the misnomer. The Great Dale (singular) is a totally different area on the map altogether. The Dalelands (plural) are actually fifteen separate communities, with Shadowdale being but one of them. 'Shadowdale Liberation Front' has a nice ring to it, but 'Shadowdale Qaeda' doesn't quite sound the same. I figured we needed to be more specific if we're going to strike fear into the hearts of men.