Saturday, April 25, 2009


Evolution (2001)

You've got a couple of community college professors, toting shotguns that still have the price tags attached, running around the beautiful Arizona desert dodging government cover up and they're saving humanity from rapidly evolving aliens which landed on Earth via a crashed meteor while shouting lines like, "Let's go shampoo us some aliens!". How can you not love this film?

Orlando Jones and David Duchovny are a great team up in this and the delivery of their lines and subtle (or not so subtle) character nuances are top notch. Julianne Moore is awesome, as always, just not on the same level of sheer zaniness as the other two. Seann Scott isn't too bad and gives us offbeat and quirky humor. Dan Akroyd has a small role where he's over the top as the governor, which is funny, but like I said, a small role.

The script is solid, the action ain't bad, the story is fun if simple, and the special effects (for being eight years old) really aren't that bad. The other thing is that you can really tell that there was a lot of fun to be had on set while they were filming this, and it shows through when the cameras are rolling as well.

The critters range from tapeworms to dragons to man-apes to giant blobs


  1. I love that film, even now, the medical bit that ends with an ice cream has me in fits of laugher.

  2. I was laughing out loud at that scene! Yeah, it's a fun flick that I think unfortunately fell through the cracks.