Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dark Angels: End in Sight

Twenty models to go!

After completing my last Dark Angels project, the end is in sight...for now anyway. Depending on the painter, the above pic could be cranked out in a three-day weekend. Unfortunately I can't move that fast. I've enjoyed rejuvenating the boys in dark green, but I gotta say, I think by the time I get the last brush stroke on the last model I will be ready for a change of pace. Just eyeballing what's on the shelf already I think I'm in the 1500-1800 point range painted, throw in the above slew o' figs and I'm easily in the 2000-2500 point range (I think). I don't have any tanks, that's my Achilles heel, but that may just to be the elephant in the room. The one tank up there I do have I'm going to try hard to trade off for a Pig Iron APC for another side project that hasn't surfaced on here just yet.

Judge Dread...nought!

Then we have this beast from way back. I went overboard on it, and it shows. Custom magnetized arms, every icon on the sprue in every nook and cranny, the list goes on and on. Well, now I have multiple gun arms to paint up, six in all (there's a twin-linked Heavy Bolter not shown). Since I crammed it full of iconic bling too, I'll have to give those their proper due as well, haha.

Speaking of bling...

Aha, my ten Sternguard, last of the models that resembles a plain ole "squad". I festooned these troopers with all manner of wargear and extras too, but if those Vanguard were any indication, the end result will pay off here as well. I also built them with two separate combat squads in mind; the front row are my more 'assault' type troopers with flamer, Storm Bolters, and the Sergeant wielding a Power Fist. The second row is a bit of a more static, stand-back-and-shoot type squad with regular Bolters (to take advantage of the special issue ammo) and of course the big, honkin' Plasma Cannon. I laud GW's new plastics with praise a lot, but this case is no different, these figures just, simply put. As with the Dread, they'll be a pain to paint, but well worth it.

Last call for HQ

Then there's these knuckleheads; a Chaplain and the Chapter Master himself. The cherub on the far left is really just a flavor text model, who will accompany the Chaplain around the battlefield kind of like Azrael's helmet bearer. In the cherub's case though, he's a Storm Bolter bearer, which was a very slight conversion. I may pop that old backpacj/cape combo off the Chaplain and replace it with a jump pack so he can accompany Squad Icarus into melee, I dunno. Taking a departure from Dark Angels canon, my Chapter Master will be Tracto, first mentioned in the opening line of the Trucidos campaign. I want to take my time and do a bang-up job with these, and being single models, even working at a snail's pace, they should paint up rather quickly.


  1. You're rawking on these, great job!!

  2. Thanks man! We need to get them on the tabletop...and soon. I'm pretty sure I'll be done for a while painting marines though after this, haha.