Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vanguard Squad Vindicta

: Five Man Squad
Leader: Veteran Sgt. Antaeus
Wargear: bolt pistols, frag grenades, chainswords
Special Equipment: Sgt. Antaeus' wargear; relic blade, storm shield, melta-bombs
Naming Convention: Vindicta is the Latin word for vengeance, which starts with the same letter as 'vanguard', so a little alliteration can go a long way. Plus, anytime you throw Latin in on top of some 40k models you're usually good to go. The sergeant's name comes from Dante's Inferno, and I always like the sound of it, plus I wanted him to sound hard as nails. By the way, there's a great web tour of Dante's Hell here!

I went with a few departures from my regular color schemes, mainly in the weapons and wargear. Instead of red casings with non-metallic greys, I went with blackened steel metal (with chainmail highlights) and jet black casings. The jump packs were largely black as well and as you can see, I'm still flaunting my twenty year old chapter icon decals, haha. I also used lots of copper, burnished gold, and silvers. I took a shortcut when it came to the leather pouches and braided rope belts, and wasn't too happy with the outcome, but I'm being picky, it's hardly noticeable...especailly for "tabletop quality".


  1. Looks good, but no fist. Every marine close combat squad needs a fist.

  2. I know, heh, but that sword/shield combo looks too cool to pass up!