Friday, April 10, 2009

The Game Room

When I'm on the various online game forums I always love the picture threads that show people's work tables and the desks. I figure since I've got some time on my hands today, big storm coming in, I'd post some pics of my own game room.

Shown above is my gaming table. It measures 8'x4' and is covered with green felt that has been stretched and stapled underneath. It is a constructed top that sits on top of a standard six foot banquet table with folding legs. The six matching chairs are kitchen chairs I picked up at a furniture store on clearance. The red armrest chair is an old swivel chair from a copy store.

On the walls are various maps from roleplaying sourcebooks that have been mounted and framed. The box on the far end of the table is our dice box. This table takes up a good half of the downstairs.

Here's the other half of the game room. I used to utilize the fireplace, but got complaints of the house smelling "smoky" from the spousal unit, so now it just kinda sits there. I've got some candles in it for ambiance, haha. On the mantle are some geek trophies from days past, a warhammer and a battleaxe, both from Museum Replicas...very typical geek room fair. Most of the framed art around the room consists of autographs from geek characters and actors who do the convention circuits. I've got Robin, Cat Woman, a lot of the Star Wars cast, and so on. On the left is my terrain shelf. Bunches of Legos are scattered about too.

Here's the futon I get most of my reading done at. Usual this means falling asleep and being woken up at three in the morning because the dog is trying to climb on top of me. The sixty year old footlocker belonged to my Grandfather who was in the Air Force, it's now my coffee table. You can see a copy of Singularity Sky on top of it, which will be the next book I review here.

There were two large closets with God-awful mirrored doors in the room. I promptly removed (and threw away) the doors and built some shelves in them. I'm no carpenter, so these "ain't no great shakes". For the closet on the left I fit my antique desk snugly inside it. The one on the right is for my figs. These closets are where the bulk of most of my stuff resides.

This is the left hand closet and it comprises my painting table and some book shelves, it also has a cork board on the wall. Up above the desk is another book shelf and above that even more storage. I'm seeing a whole 'storage' trend as I write this.

This is the left hand side of the upper shelves, here are most of my Salvatore books and a scattering of toys and figures. Note the blue Snaggletooth! Up top are three tool organizers that hold all of the game pieces for most of my board games. There's also a couple of mason jars full of pipe tobacco up on the top shelf as well.

Here's the right hand side of the upper shelves. Most of these books were the ones I kept from college 'cause I liked them too much to bring myself to sell them back to the bookstore. There's some various sci-fi and fantasy in there for good measure. Way up top are some 4th edition DnD books (they're not allowed to mingle with the rest just yet), and a couple o' Fantasy Flight games. More toys are on the shelf, check out that classic Mego Kirk! There's also a Bruce Campbell bobblehead.

This is the right hand side of the painting table. Some paperback books are on the shelf and above them (it's too dark to see) is where I keep all my model glues, flock, modeling sand, and the like. The stack of books on the desk are what's in my reading queue. Looks like: Sharpe's Rifles, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the Pirate King, and another go at the Watchmen trade paperback. All the figs on the desk are what's in my painting queue, and it's a lot: x10 Space Marine Sternguard, x5 Space Marine Vanguard, x1 Marine Chaplain, x1 Marine Captain, x8 40mm Choctaw scouts, x6 SuperSystem bad guys, a few pieces of objective markers, and the list goes on and on. It's kinda discouraging thinking about it, haha.

This is the left hand side of the painting desk. Lots more stuff in the queue, including that wooded terrain piece. Lots of pens, markers, brushes, and pencils too. More toys and paperbacks are here as well.

This is the middle of the right hand closet, which is mostly miniatures and more storage. Here's all of my figs that I have on display as well as all my storage up top. I've got a good amount of figs still in storage, but they are mostly Blood Bowl and Necromunda teams.

The left hand side of the display shelves. Up top are what's left of a fairly massive GI Joe collection I once had. The ones left are those that made the final cut.

The right hand side of the display shelves.

Below the figure display shelves is just more storage space. I've got a wide shelf top that just holds a bunch of items. Most of the stuff here is just overflow that hasn't found a home yet, or stuff that is so far back in the painting queue it's not even on the radar.

The left hand side of the wide storage shelf.

Underneath the storage shelf is where I keep all of my roleplaying and wargaming books. Well, not all of them, I have a lot in boxes in the garage, but these are the ones that see the most use. I've also got some boardgames under here too. On the floor I have mostly terrain in boxes and a whole bunch of Legos over on the left.

Here's where I do a lot of my button mashing on the Xbox, although it's been collecting dust lately. There's a dorm fridge too, which gets a lot of action during game nights. As you can see I've got Legos pretty much everywhere.

The fridge is in sad shape as we speak; a couple of Yuengling beers, a single diet Dr. Pepper, and a handful of sour cream donuts (curse you Andy!). All of it is gamer friendly, just not waistline friendly!

This was a cheap shelf I picked up from a office furniture store. I got it just to hold terrain. These are the nicer pieces that I couldn't just throw in a box, and I'm happy to see it already kinda full. Having nice terrain is so important for tabletop battles, but also so often ignored or left out altogther. Thanks to our (now defunct?) Trucidos 40k campaign, I've been able to crank a bunch more terrain out than I normally would have.

My footlocker is unceremoniously crammed full with Xbox gear.

This guy's the latest edition to the game room, although he doesn't have a name yet, he's got a lot of character, check out that pipe!

Well, that wraps it up, you've now been given a good view of more than just my painting table, but everything else as well. Next time you come over, bring some stuff to stock that fridge with! Enjoy!


  1. Holy cow, your "game room" is as big as my master bedroom.

    I'd kill someone for that kind of space.

  2. Jealous Farske is Jealous.

  3. I see Snake Eyes and Firefly, but no Storm Shadow? Surely a mistake has been made.

    This is a very nice game room. You should be proud.

  4. You forgot to show the gaming table after a game- the stacks of books, piles of discarded chip bags, cookies, and Little Debbie boxes, and dozens of empty beer bottles, an empty bottle of Jim Beam, Dr. Pepper and Java Monster cans...

    Damn, we are consumption hogs.....

  5. True that Oz. In all seriousness, it was because of cleaning up after a game night a while back that I realized I needed to start recycling! I'll rectify that now with an "action" shots post.

    To everyone else, thanks! I do count myself lucky that my wife lets me stake claim to so much square footage. I can't get her to step foot in there, but I'm happy nonetheless.

    @Wienas: Storm Shadow's MIA, but I'm working on it!

  6. Like the rest, all I feel is envy!

    Good job on claiming so much space mate!

  7. Good to see that I am not alone in hijacking kitchen crockery to aid storage! I will have to do my own gaming area in a bit more detail soon. Just been reading all your blogs of this year, I am really enjoying it!