Sunday, April 26, 2009

Monster Squad is Go!

Monster Squad

After yesterday's post with my freshly painted Super Soviets, I thought I'd post up these guys, the Monster Squad. I painted these guys a while back, by about a couple of years, and looking at them now, I know I'd change a couple of things, but I'm still happy with how they look. So, here they are for posterity in all their monster glory.

Monster Squad is a loose band of misfit supers who have no nation or team to call their own. The media has dubbed them 'monsters' as such, and even though the group is aligned to helping humanity above all else, their exploits are always condemned. They find solidarity in the company of one another, and even though they are painted as villains by the media at large, and seen as vigilantes at best, they continue to help humanity nonetheless.

Leviathan (aka Megladon)

Leviathan hails from the ruins of Atlantis itself. He had left Earth eons ago with his race on a quest of dire importance and has only recently returned. He did to find his home realm in ruins, swallowed up by the ocean. He wields an Atlantean artifact blade, and with his great strength he certainly uses it to great effect. He has a tremendous bite as well, though he rarely uses it, preferring to not cause permanent harm to his foes. He is able to survive underwater indefinitely, and can communicate with aquatic life.

The Scarlet Scarab (aka Glockroach)

The Scarlet Scarab is a horrible lab accident gone wrong. When two entities were accidentally combined, those of mild mannered scientist and common household pest, the result was miraculous...and tragic. Possessed of a human mind, uncanny reflexes, insectoid strength, and four polymer handguns, the Scarlet Scarab hunts crime through the back alleys of the largest of cities. Recently he has become more involved in environmental matters and is suspected in a string of eco-terrorism cases throughout the Northwest.

Lady Midnight (aka Ms. Nightmare)

Lady Midnight is a complete mystery, even to her teammates. She is never seen outside of her costume, and during periods of sleep she dematerializes in a wisp of smoke, only to return again in the morning. Once, when knocked unconscious, fellow teammate Wrecking Ball tried to remove her mask to revive her and found that he could not. She doesn't speak aloud, only through mental empathy and suggestion, and only to a single team member in a period of about a week, at the end of which she will begin communicating to a new team member. Her powers consist of altering the physical laws around her and impacting the rules of probability in her and her team's favor. She can also project the worst fears of her enemy into their minds, rendering them helpless in a matter of moments.

Jack o' Lantern (aka Devil's Night)

Jack o' Lantern is sometimes known as the Pumpkin King, sometimes he goes by the moniker of the Ripe Lord, and has even referred to himself as the Gourd Lord. One thing is certain whatever he goes by, he is far from sane. He often cackles incessantly in battle, swinging his razor sharp blades while reciting limericks about how he and his team are besting their current foes. He has also been known to be rather reckless when throwing his explosive pumpkin bombs from his seemingly inexhaustible bandoleer. There's more to Jack o' Lantern than his sanity that just seems not quite "right". He has an ethereal, otherworldly menace to him that chills you to your core when in his presence, as if someone walked over your grave.

Doc Inferno (aka Fireflight)

Doc Inferno leads the Monster Squad and he is the most "human" looking of the bunch, with a slight exception being the giant Wrecking Ball. Doc Inferno is very well educated (having once been an actual doctor of metaphysics) and he's well spoken to boot. It is only because of his charismatic dealings with authorities that the Monster Squad is as tolerated as they are. His talents come to the fore when tackling sensitive and technological obstacles and often his knowledge of history helps unravel mysteries for the team. In battle he can fly first and foremost, but his main strength comes from his pyrokinetic ability. He is able to hurl balls of flame, streams of searing light, and make it rain hot brimstone on a whim. His skin is constantly ablaze and as he flies, a trail of smoke and fire follow. From a thick chain around his neck he wears the mysterious (and alien) Theta Device.

Wrecking Ball (aka Squat)

Wrecking Ball lives up to his name as his job on Monster Squad is a simple one; smash things. Until Leviathan came along, he was, by far, the largest member of the team. Wrecking Ball's strength is matched only by his near indestructibility. He has been filmed on more than one occasion having apartment buildings collapse on top of him, thrown through the air several hundred feet, and even being clipped by a speeding train. He has a simple outlook on life, and all too often willingly plays into the "dumb brick" stereotype just for the fun of it, though he is capable of much more eloquent thought.


  1. I have to admit, what caught me most is the name 'Glockroach.' It's just pure WIN. I mean, it's a simple pun, and maybe I'm a sucker for puns, but that's the kind of thing in the back alley that WILL step on you.

    I now have to find a reason to drop that one in conversation.

  2. It was the because of the Glockroach that I got into Superfigs at all! I wish I could take credit for the name, but all of the "aka's" listed in the captions are the actual model's name out of the company catalog with me making up the other name and alternative histories.