Sunday, April 26, 2009

Super Soviets: Reinforcements

The Super Soviets received additional reinforcements today in the form of a twin brother and sister duo, as well as a Soviet supers icon. Each of the three are formidable in their own right and bring with them their powers to an already impressive lineup.

The Siberian Arrow (aka Deadeye)

The Siberian Arrow is quick to temper and never backs down from a fight. His quiver of arrows include many 'gadget' arrows that give him the right tool for any job, while his standard combat arrows are flint-knapped from a razor sharp obsidian. He has unerring accuracy with his bow, an ancient weapon from days past made of the bones of a Wooly Mammoth. He is a highly resilient individual, and spy satellite photos show him training in the frozen tundra, in the dead of winter, without any sleeves or additional clothing.

The Grand Duchess (aka Shield Maiden)

The Grand Duchess was the Soviet Union's first super to wear a costume, making her debut close to one hundred years ago in the summer of 1918. She has been an unwavering symbol of her country ever since then. Other than her superhuman longevity and health, the Grand Duchess wields an indestructible shield made of an undetermined metal alloy. Not only is she able to use the shield in the more practical manner, she can also hurl it with great force, ricocheting off multiple enemies before returning to her waiting hand. It is affectionately named the "Tsar". She also displays superhuman agility and balance and superb hand-to-hand combat ability, there seems to be no slowing her down.

Medusa (aka Lady Blade)

Medusa is the twin sister to the Siberian Arrow, most easily recognizable by their hair. Medusa's hair, however, is more than just long locks, she is able to control her hair to ensnare, entangle, and even to strangle her foes. One grainy security camera footage from the French Embassy building even shows what looks like her hair wielding a small, bladed weapon, as if it were a hand. This is but one weapon in the living arsenal that is Medusa. Were there any targets left alive after dealing with Medusa they would surely tell you that no, not all ninjas hail from Asia. She is the master of the sword, and hers is a wickedly sharp blade made from meteoric iron. Footage from the 1980's shows her sword slicing through the armored hulls of Afghan tanks with ease, suggesting she possesses super strength as well. Although slight in build, she shrugs off the greatest of blows time and time again.

The complete team of the Super Soviets

The Super Soviet team is complete. Although you can battle with as little as three (or fewer, although I haven't done it) figs per side, I like a full six so you can pick and choose as needed (as I did with Monster Squad). Plus, as far as teams of Superheroes go, six is a nice round number and gives you plenty of options to spread power archetypes around. I like the cohesive look of the team and their colors, but I need to get some white sickle and hammer decals to add to their uniforms. I figure with all the Flames of War stuff out there I should be able to pick some up, and they should be the perfect size too. The team's not quite done, I do have one more rather large pièce de résistance to add when I get the chance.


  1. Awesome! Sounds like it's time to get a Supersystem campaign going!

  2. I will graciously handle said responsibilities!

  3. You really, really need to get your pièce de résistance finished. You can battle my super apes with MY pièce de résistance...

  4. Magnets. I need me some of them dang magnets. He's on the newly organized painting desk, so it's only a matter of time! If your pièce de résistance is done already I'll move him to the front of the queue!