Saturday, May 2, 2009

COG Reinforcements

SAW Gunner, COG Hero, and COG Commander

I gotta say, having a newly cleaned and organized painting desk is such a boon to being productive. I wouldn't have even bothered looking at these guys for another month or two at best. Once I paired down my queue so it didn't look so overwhelming, and got all the spare minis and parts/pieces that didn't really belong out of there I saw I had some easily manageable chunks of minis and terrain to paint. So there's my tip, clean and organize your work area every now and then, it'll pay off in the long run, trust me.

So, after all of that "cleaning up" stuff, I was looking at what to paint up next and these three figs were just begging to be finished up, so I obliged. The paint scheme is a simple one, by design, and no not just to be speedy either, but it definitely helped!

It's good to have local friends to trade and barter with, it makes it a lot easier on the wallet and less hassle to fidn the figs you want. We played a ton of Warzone back in the day, and to add to my existing COG team made of Bauhaus Hussars, I needed more of the same. The two flanking figs came from Andy, and are both first edition, with Chris P. providing the second edition, heroic scaled fig in the middle. So many thanks go out to both them!

The chain gunner will easily enough fill the role of heavy gunner, and not be used on every mission. The Commander figure will serve as the highest REP level of the group, and as fitting of his rank, be the toughest nut to crack of the bunch. On an equal footing with the Commander, but in more of a Lone Wolf role is the COG Hero. In the book it says COG Operatives are armed with a limitless variety of weapons as the mission dictates, including alien weaponry. Well, his Gehenna Puker certainly has some character to it and can easily pass as something exotic like an alien blaster.

COG Commander Sanders

The complete COG team

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