Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nine Iron Captain

Captain Nicklaus

Well, I am loving having a clean painting table! Captain Nicklaus here was just a lonely little Cadian sergeant doing nothing but taking up space. He's the counterpart to my squad of Nine Irons that were intended to be security workers on a mining planet for a 5150 scenario. Needless to say, he was not a priority. But, having newly organized space, I was inspired to clean it off even more, and a couple of episodes of Deadliest Catch later...voilĂ ! I named him 'Niklaus' because the figure not only looks like the legendary golfer (see above link) but because I named the whole squad originally after a golf club anyway for no other reason than "just cause".

Details of the face and kit

Weapon closeup

In the 5150 scenario the leader is armed with a shotgun, unfortunately the new Cadian plastics weren't out when I put this guy together, so I didn't have a shotgun option. I went with the grenade launcher and I'll chalk it up to being an old school "street sweeper".

The Nine Irons

Here are the Nine Irons all ready to go. Obviously I didn't exclusively use washes on the captain like I did the rest of the squad, but I stuck to the same color scheme nonetheless. These Cadians were fun to paint up, but sheesh, I really feel for Guard players, there's no way I'd want to tackle painting up a hundred or so of these figs. These guys also made up my new home page banner up top with a 'Band of Brothers' pic.

I guess that's my plug for 5150. If you like certain GW models, but don't want to paint up a crap-ton of them, paint up a squad or two you like the look of and use them in some quick 5150 games. Some great candidates that come to mind are Ork Kommandos, Eldar Scouts, anything Tau, Daemons, or whatever. You can have your cake and eat it too, paint yout favorites of the crops and use them!

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