Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First (Botanical) Contact

Proof a gamer can garden!

Here's a follow up on my Gardenin' post a couple of weeks back, and things have been, well, growing and doing great. The above pic is of my Hot Banana Pepper plant, and that little baby pepper you see is the beginnings of, literally, the fruits of my labor, haha. It's just a bud now, but I have a feeling I shall be feasting (feasting, really?) on some spicy goodness in a week to ten days. Everything else is also doing pretty well.

The jalapenos are coming along

'Maters 'n such

Chalk up a few casualties to my dog, as I feared. She has been caught in the main bed a couple of times, and I had to build the walls higher on the sides and front. Unfortunately, she's killed both a tomato plant and a green pepper plant. I replaced them with another tomato plant and a red pepper plant, now to add electric shock retention fences!

I know it's a weird thing to post about, being a "gaming journal" and all, but I got a lot of positive response after the last one. Skeller made a great point about the parallels between gardening and gaming, and you get a little sunshine to boot. And I even got another painter, Shelexie, to try some of her own! If all that comes out of this experiment is a single banana pepper and another gamer somewhere started their own garden...then I'll call this a success, hopefully it won't stop there though!


  1. Congratulations on your budding success!

  2. I have a great fondness for Mexican food...and bad puns!

  3. You ass-knocker! How can your peppers be budding and mine aren't? I planted mine 3 weeks earlier!

    My 'maters are doing better than yours, though. I have that going for me.

    Don't be a mater hater!

  4. Ass-knocker? Indeed! Nice work on the 'maters, but it's not a contest, haha!