Saturday, May 16, 2009

Square Foot Gardening

Mik's Minis, err, veggies

I post a lot of stuff on here, it can't be said I don't have any variety, so how about some gardening? That's right, gardening! Okay, so it's not forty acres worth of crops, but it's at least something. I've kind of wanted to do something along these lines for a couple of summers, I just never got around to it, so here we go.

Before and after

It's not true "square foot gardening", per se, but they're at least raised beds, which is all the rage. If it's a semi-successful summer, I may try something a little more ambitious next time around. I planted stuff I like and stuff I would actually use.

More before and after

Green Peppers

Best Boy Tomatoes

and Habanero peppers

Beefsteak Tomatoes

Basil, this should fill up the entire area shown

Cayenne and New Mexico Big Jim peppers


My biggest concern for the longevity of my garden is not lack of water (or too much of it), not too much sun or not enough fertilizer or whatever; it's my stupid dog. I love her, most of the time, but she can be quite a handful. She's a rescue dog we took on at the age of ten months, so technically she's still a puppy, even though she's a little over a year now. She's great, but incredibly hyper, she just needs to mellow out some.


  1. Those beds look great. I find gardening is the perfect sister hobby to building miniatures. It requires the same amount of care and patience but gets you outside in the fresh air and sun.

    Enjoy your veggies.

  2. You've summed it up perfectly here. And I can make a tasty salsa to take back in to the game table!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow you've planted as much as Jamie and I. Color me impressed.

    Gardening is so in right now.

  4. This summer's just a test, if I'm successful I've got *big* plans for next year.

  5. Ok, I had never heard of square foot gardening until your blog the other day. I checked it out and was very interested. I started a small 2x1 garden (something I swore to my mother I would never do) and I'm checking it out. I am glad you posted this blog!

  6. Glad I could inspire you to a patch o' gardening! There has been some attrition since I posted this. First, I had to increase the height of the walls due to the demon dog, and secondly some plants just didn't make it, namely a couple of jalapenos and a 'mater plant. All in all things are going well though. I still need to plant some cucumbers though...