Tuesday, May 19, 2009

From the Quill of Eö Starfall

First Kill; Dunbar Brasstwister dispatches a Drow
The odds are beyond reason that we stumbled upon members of Rhystell’s former adventuring party in the Underdark. Their numbers had dwindled immensely, but the reunion was well met, it seems my group and this new one could find gainful allies in one another.

There is a stark contrast between my friend, Dunbar, and this newly met Dwarf, master Torik. Dunbar conducts himself with a solemn, stoic grace, and in combat he uses sound tactics to dismantle his foe. Master Torik is gruff and reckless in combat and uncouth in his mannerisms. However, to see the two fight side-by-side, I note instantly the unspoken bond of Dwarven brotherhood. I cannot fault Torik for his lack of manners given his heart is pure and his arm is strong.

There is an Elf among the new group as well, a Moon Elf with no apparent name. His skill set seems to that of ranged combat, scouting, and stealth, yet he does not outwardly revere nature, thus I’m inclined to assume he is no Ranger. He wears an amulet of an origin I’ve yet to determine, but I’m close. He seems to be the most serious of the group, and given his Elven lineage I can only assume he is the party leader. It is a pleasure to meet a fellow cousin and I look forward to talking with him even more.

Nine is a mystery to me, he is obviously gifted in both the arcane and divine arts, and speaks for the Goddess Mystra herself. He has a childlike countenance however, in both mind and body which betrays the power he could wield at his fingertips if he only applied himself. I fear his kind, the Ghostwise Halflings, are not long for this world, so it is refreshing, yet sad, to see him adventuring as such.

The paths of our two parties are inexorably intertwined, and our goals are mutual, thus this partnership should continue unabated for some time. With the apparent loss of their Cleric, Evoker, and Druid (a heavy blow indeed!), and the loss of my party’s own cleric and monk, perhaps we should extend this partnership beyond the scope of our immediate task at hand. Time will only tell.

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