Monday, May 18, 2009

Pull Over! This is the Lego Space Police!

Mucho gracias to avenged110 for these New York Toy Fair sneak pics!

Adding a mini-torse in place of a head...great!

What great, fun sets with TONS of cool, alien characters!

Check out the details and coloring in this alien's printed torso

It's all about the Benjamins!


  1. Yeah! Not only are the minifigs great, but the bad guys vehicles have a whole 'Mad Max' vibe going on, contrasted nicely to the sleek, clean police vehicles. This'll be one of the better lines to come out of Lego in a long time methinks.

  2. The last Lego set I got was the large Pirate ship (the 3-mast one, not the newer smaller one) and I've felt their sets have lacked ...something... ever since.

    But these look amazing, I like that there is a LINE coming out setting up a "good vs. bad" similar to their old castle sets that ruled. All their previous space sets were just one-off vehicles with nothing really behind them, but these really look good.

  3. I know! It seems like Lego is "getting back to their roots" so to speak. It looks very promising!