Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day Update

Happy May Day everyone! So to start the month (and essentially, the summer) off right I decided to clean off my painting desk. After posting all of my Game Room pics from earlier, I thought that some tidying up was in order. I consolidated my pen jars, dusted and Pledged the surface, and made my painting queue more of a true queue and less of just a junk collection area for all the loose bits and pieces that didn't have a home.

Well the cat's out of the bag, the big fella in the back left is Project Ragnarock. Since my latest superhero painting spree, I am going to try and get him done sooner than later. On the right is the last of the Dark Angels stuff to paint, it'd be nice to get them done sooner than later as well. In the middle I've got three objective markers I need whip up and a couple of small terrain pieces, I like to think of small pieces like these as tabletop 'flavor text'. Front and left I've got a few more troopers to add to my 5150 COG ranks, and a single squad leader for my Nine Irons. You'll also notice my ten 40mm Choctaw from a very long time ago that are STILL sitting on my desk! It's been almost two years, arrrgh!

Terminator update

Here was a nifty little conversion I cranked out while cleaning up too. I found an old chainsword bit broken off at the hilt so I clipped off a tad more and superglued it to this guy's Power Fist, which had already been a converted Lightning Claw.

Well I was able to trade off that Land Raider after all, so here's a glimpse of my upcoming Pig Iron project as well that will also be getting underway this summer.


  1. Very neat and tidy! What's the chances it will be the same in a week? :D

    I'm liking the look of the Ironstorm there. What was the model like to assemble? Definately worth 22 squids?

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I'll be lucky if my painting table makes it through the weekend, haha!

    The Ironstorms are a cinch to assemble. The main body is one, solid piece, and the turret is too, you just choose which gun you want and glue it on. These things are big too.

    I plan on using a couple of magnets so it can rotate or be switched out with the Ironside turret.