Friday, May 29, 2009

New Army Decision Time Counting Down

Dark Angels?

The countdown is on, and as I write this I am astounded at the response in votes so far with a whopping twenty eight! As it stands, the Tau are well in the lead, but anything can happen, and there's still three days left to go. The Cultists are definitely keeping the race interesting, and a few out there are still rooting for the Dark Angels.

Above are my Dark Angels. Not shown are ten Sternguard who are on the painting table and their Dreadnought, which is currently a work in progress.

Tau Empire?

If you haven't voted yet, please do, and leave a comment as to why you voted as such, there's been some great responses so far. Everyone's been making such valid points it's impossible to decide, I guess that's why there's a poll!

Above are my Tau, which have had very little exposure here at Mik's Minis. If I had my druthers, I'd add a human auxiliary unit or two, and maybe some new XV8's. As you can see though, I've got plenty, so the latter is just a 'maybe'.

Chaos Cultists?

Here's the makings I've been sitting on for my Chaos Cultists army. I guess technically they're called the Lost and the Damned from the outdated codex. I've got parts for two or three traitor guard units, with leftovers to add to a box of fantasy zombies to make Plague zombies. I've also got a bag of Ogre Kingdoms Bulls to make into Big Mutants. The Daemon Prince you see there will be the centerpiece of the army alongside this fig which I'll use as my Arch Heretic, I don't have the Confessor yet though, I'll need to pick him up.

Refer to my last post for the breakdown of the pros and cons if you need to. I've resigned myself to go along with whatever the community decides, so this should be interesting. Our new campaign will kick off probably in early June (I hope). As always, thanks, now get out there and do your civic duty, citizens!


  1. I voted Tau, but having now seen your painted armies I am not so sure. Tau would be good, the army looks good and as you said would be a good change of passe. However I also think the Campaign would be a good opportunity to add some much need vehicle support to your Dark Angels. I think either of these would be a good choice.

  2. Ah yes, the Achilles heel of my armor! I'd love to add some Rhinos, Land Raiders, even Drop Pods to the mix. Even if my Dark Angels don't make the cut, though they are gaining, I'm thinking vehicle support will be in the long term queue nonetheless. Thanks for the input!

  3. You've got terminators, you don't need tanks.

  4. I think people that actually have to play against you should get more votes.