Friday, May 22, 2009

Some Weekday Gamin'

Dark Heresy

We got in a couple of games this week, with the second installment of our new Dark Heresy campaign being the first of the bunch. I'm still getting to grips with the system, mechanically anyway, the setting is very familiar. It's just hard, because without situational modifiers, it cna get kind of frustrated constantly needing around to accomplish tasks but only having a 30% chance of doing so. That's just mechanics though, there's plenty of goodness in the game for me to not worry so much about die rolls.

We continue to investigate the origin of a dockworker who turned up with illegal augmentations and a strange alien control organ. This time Andy's Feral Guardsman and my Imperial Cleric were joined by another duo of acolytes that consisted of Chris M.'s Adeptus Arbites, and Chris O.'s Techpriest.

We were in the process of stashing two bodies of augmented thugs that attacked us when local enforcers from the precinct were dispatched to recover them. This made them guilty immediately and we didn't have time for pleasantries, we were on a mission from the God-Emperor! We set about attacking this enforcers with reckless abandon, well, just Andy's character really, who jumped from a two-story window to hopefully land atop their APC...but slightly miscalculated his landing!

I had switched from my autopistol to the autogun, which did much better for me in combat, although the stats are very similar. We dispatched most of the troopers, but they took off in said APC, with a few of our party being drug along for the ride. We finally got their vehicle stopped by crashing it into a building, and tried to smoke them out with a Blind grenade. The sergeant we overheard conspiring on the vox unfortunately took too much damage to be able to capture him alive, but thanks to the honor bound Feral Guardsman, we had at least one breathing prisoner, the rest were cut down. The plot thickens, and now involves the local police force too, we'll have to dig deeper to find a resolution.

Settlers of Catan (stock photo)

Our DH game ended fairly early. Okay, really early, with the night being young we decided to break out a 'classic', being Settlers. We had one fairly experienced player, one person who had never played before, and me (which I fell somewhere in the middle). It was a great game, and although I didn't win, I claim a moral victory in that I pretty much played better than I ever had before. By the time Andy pulled off his tenth and final point, we were all within one or two points of each other, including multiple roads all in contention for which one would be the longest. This game's a classic for a reason, and is a blast to play.


  1. OOoo... Settlers of Catan, I love that game.

  2. We played again tonight, the Cities and Knights was great, even better than the 'original'. I'll post something this weekend on it. Rock on...