Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Grosse Point Greenbacks

The Grosse Pointe Greenbacks

First off, I love Blood Bowl, it's one of the best miniatures games out there. Secondly, although I personally feel that the Orcs are a very competitive team, I've never played them, nor do I see myself playing them anytime soon. So why paint these guys up?

The answer is simple; we've all got unpainted lead, pewter, and plastic laying why not paint them? It's either paint them, or sell them, and this way maybe I can loan them to a rookie player to get started out. Most importantly (important?) is if you glance over to the right at my '2009 Totals' tally you'll see that with this bunch I've broken even on both 'miniatures bought' and 'miniatures painted'!

The whole reason I started this blog was to 'keep myself honest' when it came to getting in quality games and to do more than just buy figs all the time and never paint them, so it's also to keep me on track with being productive. These Orcs are a perfect example; they'd have lingered forever in the bits box if I hadn't realized how close I was to tally equilibrium. They're not my best far, but they get the job done, and they help tip the scale towards the painted side of the equation. So, here you go!

Da Blitzers

I didn't really even have a full team on my hands, as you can see it's a large mix of both plastic and metal figs from two different team sets. Also, for good measure, I've got a trio of Goblins thrown in for the heck of it. I don't even know if this team's compliant with the latest Living Rulebook, but I've gotta imagine since there's nothing nutty in here, that these boys in green should be ready to hit the pitch and be good to go.

The team captain quarterback and a trio of Goblins

Da Black Orcs

Da Linemen

My numbering system; works great visually from the back side of the board!


  1. Great looking team! I just started my first Blood Bowl team (Skaven) and I am so stealing that numbering system.

  2. Thanks, and please use those numbers! I find hand painted numbers don't always look that great, and unless you have some killer decals, it's almost not worth it. By numbering on the rear of the bases you always know who's who sitting behind the action, and it's clean and neat. I used a waterproof, fine line (.01) drafting pen over a painted white square. Let the white paint sit overnight though. Good luck on your Skaven, they're a fast team!

  3. Mik man remember that this is a hobby not just a number crunching exercise! If you fail to make it once in a while it isn't the end of the world. I love them, do you live in Grosse Pointe? Grosse Pointe Blank is one of my all time favorite movies. As for the numbering scheme I use something similar but write the numbers on in pencil (you can then erase them and mix up the team) I do paint numbers on a few of the start player shoulder pads.

  4. Mik,

    Nice work Mik. They look like excellent sacrificial victims for the Nan Dungorthin Despoilers.

    Too bad you couldn't find the time for the Sci-Fi City BB League. It's been fun so far. The top rated team in the league (in terms of team value - the Despoilers have the best win-loss ratio) is an Orc team. His team has dished out 13 casualties so far. I've gotten 1...

    Maybe we can get in some BB sometime soon...

  5. Well done dude, congrats! Huge fan of blood bowl and having an extra team is great for getting others into it. Inspiring! I need to finish up my two teams.

  6. Big fan of Blood Bowl here. Need to find some local players though in the Ann Arbor MI area. My 27 playable unpainted teams(4 different orc teams for example) need some opponents.

  7. @Ragados: I know, but sometimes I need that extra little motivation! I don't live in Grosse Pointe, I picked it for the alliteration in the team name (and I happen to like the movie too!)

    @Brian: Ugh, I know, I wanted to play in the league but I just knew I couldn't commit in the long run...kinda weak sauce given I have the summer off though. I am up for some Blood Bowl anytime!

    @Tristan: Thanks, and welcome aboard!

    @eriochrome: Sheesh, I thought I had a lot! That's a great haul you've got there, you should feel proud. I've actually played a game or two of Dungeonbowl 'back in the day'. Blood Bowl is best in a league, so I dunno, put some flyers out at your LGS?

  8. Dungeonbowl is great fun. You can download the rules & card pieces from the GW site.
    Been starting 'army' pages on my blog, these are my two for my blood bowl teams.

    Badlandz Deff Ramz (Orcs)

    Torne Bane Flaming Ears (Undead)

  9. Yeah, my collection is pretty big now. But I still need to get a few more teams. Currently I am most interested in picking up some Amazons. Also need Chaos Dwarves, Orges, and Vampires.

  10. I've got a relatively mild 8 teams in various states of painting. I paint a lot of WWII minis and find BB teams a perfect little distraction when I want to do something that's not green/khaki/grey.

    The recent explosion of quality fantasy football minis is really opening up lots of possibilities (and temptations). I've never had a lot of interest in a dwarf team until I saw the Legio dwarves from Rolljordan ( and their frog team is really cool too

    But first, time to paint up that assassin for the Despoilers and find another runner somewhere...

  11. @Brian: I was thinking of doing a one-day Blood Bowl even on a Saturday maybe in July? I'll keep you posted.

    @Tristan: Thanks for the links, I'll check it out for sure!

    @eriochrome: I don't have a standard Dwarf team, which is a darn shame. I may have to rectify that.

    To all, this simple post has generated a lot of buzz! I think it has inspired me to dust off, finish up, refurbish, and what-not all my half done teams and get them ALL pitch worthy. Keep your eyes peeled!