Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Neverwinter Wights

The Neverwinter Wights

Continuing on the roll I've been on with showcasing my Blood Bowl teams I've got the much maligned Undead team. By "showcasing" I really mean dusting off and getting them out of their respective boxes for some fresh air.

I've seen some Undead teams do all right, remember "back in the day", haha, there was only one flavor of Undead, we didn't have Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings and the like. Slow and clumsy is how I remember them, with a few that also hit hard. I've used them in a couple of one-off games, but they weren't my play style, and you'll never win a game with them based on touchdowns. That's all right though, they've got tons of character.

Some Skellies

There are a lot of great third party companies out there making Blood Bowl figs, but one idea I've never seen done was to use Privateer Press' Risen models for skeletal linemen. They've got a great look to them, especially the Cygnar Trencher.

A pair o' Wights and a pair o' Mummies

Two stock Ghouls and a converted WHFB one

Star players: a Vampire and a 2nd edition Ned Stein


The Orc zombie is obviously a conversion I did with a plastic one and a couple of skeletal limbs. In the one big league I played in, our buddy Marc had a rather successful team much to everyone's chagrin. To further add insult to injury his team color was pink and named the Deadrock Goyles, as in "you just got beat by a bunch of goyles", but it was all in good fun, and I digress. Anyway, when his star player, a Blitzer (thanks for the pic Brian!) named High Heel Provac finally died, I couldn't help but 'resurrect' him as one of my zombies. Of course on my team roster I still kept the same name too!


  1. Now you just need to get another flesh golem(stein works as 1) and 2 werewolves plus another zombie or 2 and you have a necromancer team also. When I picked up playing againt a few years ago my first team was an undead one and then I ordered a necromancer one to get the 16 players for it and to be able to play a necromancer team also. I then picked up another werewolve and golem as bits.

    Back then it would have been cheaper to just buy 2 necromancer booster packs which would have gotten me the 2 ghouls and 2 zombies for 16 man undead plus 2 golems and 2 werewolves to replace the mummies and skeletons for use as a necromancer team.

  2. Don't know about 'the day', but in the current incarnation I find my Undead Team to be a good dual all around squad, able to bash with the mummies but also to score fairly well with the Ghouls. Wights are as versatile as most other blitzers and the Skeletons/Zombies provide plenty of fodder. With their ability to regenerate (and cheap replacement cost) you can use these guys at will to tie up the other side's Big Guys and other hitters. Definitely not the case with my current batch of overpriced dark Elf linemen...

  3. I agree with Brian. Undead are a pretty solid team provided you are not trying to pass to much. The mummies can go toe to toe with other big guys. Their real problem is the movement is so low that opponents can avoid them pretty easy if you get them out of position.

    Ghouls are solid scorers for running game and wights are also ok at ball movement. Skeletons and zombies are really just road blocks and tackle zone providers. I think the more recent living rulebooks upped some of the prices on the undead making them a little tougher to start but still not bad.

    I think Dark elves are currently listed as one of the more challenging teams to play. Looks like they are designed to be doing the blood bowl version of the triple option running offense but I think they are a little weak in the hitting department for that. Best thing might be try to confuse the opponent with switching between running and passing from the same initial alignment.

  4. These are awesome! Love "Provac da Zombee". I'm just getting ready to try dipping for the first time on my undead team. I just don't know if I'll ever get a chance to use the Vamp at 390K.

  5. Thanks for all the input guys!

    @Eriochrome: Reaper makes a *great* looking Zombie Werewolf that would be perfect (and an awesome Flesh Golem too) so I'll take you up on your advice and build a Necro team as well.

  6. Mik,

    I think I have one of those Zombie werewolves in my box o' misc figures. I'll check tonight and if it's in there, you can have it.

    For another golem, check out the latest release from Darkson designs on TMP today:

    Looks like he could pretty easily be made into a good BB player. Lots of other Golems out there...

    (mild threadjack, but I also saw this figure at the Darkson site that I thought would make an excellent Treeman: Sort of a malevolent angry Treeman...)


  7. Thanks Brian! That Golem you posted is pretty much perfect too. I'd have to see the Greenman in a little more detail first, but he looks promising too.

    I've recently come across a plethora of Blood Bowl figs too, so I'll be posting those soon.