Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blood Bowl Minotaur

Well, the secret is out here at Mik's Minis...I'm a sucker to peer pressure. No seriously, I am, and I like to give the people what they want! I ran a poll about what 40k army to play next, the Tau won, but there was such a response for runner-up Traitor Guard, well, I'm going to do them too. When I had posted my Chaos Blood Bowl team, the resounding cries were for a minotaur, obviously of utmost importance! So I primered the big guy and got to work. I'm very pleased with the result, and I'm pretty proud of him.

This big guy is a Reaper figure from their Dark Heaven Legends range, sculpted by Jason Wiebe. It's a large model, but still fits on a medium base easily enough, it's also very finely detailed, with lots of nice extras like a lip ring, pouches, anklets, and the like. It's obvious a monster (or PC) character, and I had to cut its large weapon out of its hands. It may have more pouches and other adventuring gear than you'd expect to find on a minotaur stomping around a Blood Bowl pitch, but really it just adds character.

I just used regular super glue to affix him to a medium sized Warmachine base, the sculpted base he was on fit perfectly. I next primed him with a generic can of gloss white, I'd have preferred flat white, but you gotta work with what you've got. Then it was time for painting, and I spent the better part of the evening getting him ready to base. I tried to layer up his skin tones and spent the bulk of my time there. I used a fair amount of GW washes (old and new) on the models as well. I used the Badab Black on the chainmail and other metallic bits, and Devlan Mud on the leather parts and fur areas. I used an old Citadel Miniatures brand of red wash on the skin, and then layered up (I guess you could say I 'wetblended') the colors from there. I tried to give the rest of the model two-tone highlights.

Some closeups of the face

Here's a quick pic with the big guy all proper with the rest of his team. As you can see, he towers over the rest of the players, I'll just try to make sure he doesn't get knocked down too often, yeah right! I also haven't really looked at the latest edition of the rulebook, apparently they've streamlined the team rosters immensely. It looks like most teams have access to only a single big guy nowadays, with Chaos getting the minotaur, so I guess it's good I made this one 'count'. After looking at his color scheme and physique, he could moonlight with my Super Soviets team, his name would be "Red Bull" of course!


  1. I'm sorry, but you can't use this mini with your Super Soviets. Even in the slackest WYSIWYG interpretation its obvious that this mini doesn't have wings.

  2. I really like that guy. He's definitely cooler than another stock cow-based minotaur. The red hide and bone tummy piercings just scream Chaos.

  3. You are a braver man than we to paint over a gloss undercoat!

  4. @Donald: Are you referring to an actual Superhero? I was just going to stat him up as my own custom fig to go with my existing team.

    @Brian: I painted him up thanks to you! He's absolutely huge, but looks good with the rest of the team.

    @Ragados: Gloss white, baby!

  5. Happy to provide the inspiration... now we just need to get together and play a game :)

  6. Oh, and Donald, that just goes to show how *incredibly* slow I am.

    Red Bull has wings...ha!


  7. Great Job Mik! Love the daemonic red colour - you pulled it off beautifully.

    How did he go on the pitch? Minotaurs can be casualty generating machines!

  8. On the pitch he is a true monster, especially since Chaos Minotaurs can get mutations. Claws on a minotaur become obscene. He was a casualty machine, which is good because he's not getting any SPP's anywhere else. Though it is entertaining to see the look on your opponent's face when you give the mino the ball during a touchback.