Friday, June 5, 2009

Pixar Films

After seeing Up last week I got to thinking about which were the best Pixar films, and which ones were lacking. I decided to whip up this list in the same vein as my "best comic movies of all time" list way back (which I need to edit). Fortunately, there's ten Pixar releases, making this an easy top ten list. I'll reserve commentary, I think how I feel about said movie will be obvious as to where I ranked it. I will say this, #6, 5, & 4 I would consider in a three-way tie for third, #3 & 2 would be in a ties for second. All right, enjoy!

#10. Cars

#9. Up

#8. A Bug's Life

#7. Toy Story

#6. Toy Story 2

#5. Finding Nemo

#4. Monsters, Inc.

#3. Ratatouille

#2. The Incredibles

#1. WALL-E


  1. Interesting topic. As a fan of animation I really appreciate these kind of comparisons. Personally this is how I would rank them, though I have not seen Up or Cars (though Cars should be arriving from Netflix today).

    1) The Incredibles
    2) Ratatouille & Wall-E
    3) Monsters Inc.
    4) A Bug's Life
    5) Toy Story 2
    6) Finding Nemo & Toy Story

    I don't know, I just did not enjoy Finding Nemo as much as most people. While I thought it was a good movie with a touching plot and good characters, I just did not enjoy it as much as the rest. As for Toy Story, I enjoy it to but not as much as Toy Story 2. The Incredibles is just that Incredible, which is why it is my number one.

  2. To me, Toy Story has to viewed in historical context. When it came out it simply blew away everything that had been done before.

  3. No matter how you slice it, Brad Bird's Incredible and Ratatouille are always going to rank up at the top.

    Until Wall-E came out, the Incredibles were a shoe-in for number one, with the low dialog, enviro message sci-fi flick just slightly edging them out.

    Finding Nemo was pretty much the first movie my daughter was old enough to actually 'get' so it kinda holds a special place for me, and yeah, the Toy Story movies are amazing.

    Pixar films are good, sure, but I need to do a Miyazaki 'top ten' next!