Friday, June 5, 2009

Hacker-Pschorr, Chaos Blood Bowl Team

Hailing from the Northern Wastes...Hacker-Pschorr

Yes, more Blood Bowl shenanigans! I'm curious how long this Blood Bowl momentum on the tabletop will last once the video game comes out? This Chaos team hasn't actually seen some action on the blog before, both here and here. It's funny, looking back at those two posts, almsot two years ago, it seemed we were on the verge of doing some long-term, organized play, but it never really materialized, which is too bad.

I like the Chaos team quite a bit. The Chaos Warriors might be a tad slow (but not terribly so), but they hit hard and have good access to skills...and mutations. I also love the Beastmen, they play like human lineman which is great, but they also come with 'horns' and get access to mutations as well. The Beastmen are the staple of the team, with the Chaos Warriors sealing the deal. I only have fourteen men on the roster, leaving me two slots for big guys. I can go ahead and use the Troll from my Orc team, and I'd like to add a Minotaur too. If I had my druthers I'd use this Orboros Gnarlhorn as my minotaur!

Full complement of Chaos Warriors, including Lord Borak

The Beastmen with lolling tongues...and mutations

In the back you'll see I've converted one Beastman with the giant lobster claw. There's another one with a stump awaiting his new mutant graft, but I didn't feel like drilling and pinning prior to taking pics, heh. I've got a "big hand" somewhere around here, I think it came off the Skaven mutant player, I just need to find it. I know they have also made 'official' Beastmen players with mutations already on the fig, but I don't have any of those.

The "I'll get you!" fist waving Beastmen


  1. What no Minotaur? Get those blood crazyed monsters the Pro skill and they are ready to maim.

  2. I know, I know! To be fair, in the way back of this groups pic:

    is a Reaper water buffalo minotaur I was planning on using, but I think I may save up and get one of those Privateer Press Gnarlhorns instead.

  3. Nice Blood Bowl team. Very well done.

    I just removed all that stuff. Don't want it to start an issue. Just gonna have to live to fight another day and all that jazz.

    However in protest I will never put that crap up on my blog again.

    Thanks for the support Mik, your a real buddy:)

  4. Oh and is Blood Bowl any good?

  5. Interesting names for your ork and Chaos teams.....I remember owning those very same miniatures a while back...I believe my Chaos team was the Kubilicon and the Orks were the Black Fist.

    But hey, you really cleaned them up, repainted them, and they look good.

    Can I have them back now?

  6. @25mm Warrior: You will absolutely love Blood Bowl, whether or not you like football, etc. in real life. It's a solid game with lots of details, but its easy to learn, and it has a very high 'fun' factor.

    @Oz: Dude, they technically are still your teams, you just lucked out and received new paint jobs! Gird your loins, all this Blood Bowl buzz is for a reason, you've been warned...

  7. I'd stick with the Reaper Water Buffalo, just to have something unique and different for you team. Everyone and their dog has a standard bull headed minotaur. The Gnarlhorn also looks truly gigantic based on the scale figure shown in the picture...

  8. I guess you're right, plus I don't have the thirty bucks right now to go plop down on the big guy. Besides, I've already hacked the weapons away on the water buffalo...guess I'll be doing some primering this afternoon!

    You can see it here:

  9. Awesome team - had much success with them on the pitch?

    My son is playing with Orcs right now but REALLY wants a chaos team like yours now! Time to start figure hunting once again!

  10. Heya Paul, thanks! I've switched teams a couple times but these guys were solid on the pitch while I was playing them. The Orcs are on of the best teams around, but Chaos is great and they hit even harder. This team eventually drafted a Minotaur as well, and that was icing on the cake:

  11. Well the Lad's Orcs and destroying my Skaven (8 casualties in one game!) so I'll look forward to these guys less! The worst bit is that I'll be painting the source of my own destruction first :-)

  12. Yeah, Skaven vs. any non-agility team is going to get worn down in the long run. You can always paint up the Chaos team in pink colors. The hardest hitting team of a league of ours a long time was a pink Orc team name "Da Goyles".