Monday, June 1, 2009

Tau Empire wins the poll, err, so does Chaos!

Traitor Guard

Wow, first off let me give a huge thanks to the blogging community out there, most of you came by my site via a 40k connection, such as From the Warp, but others from elsewhere, like our 35 member strong citizenry! I thought it'd be neat to open up a poll publicly, but I never dreamed it would get such a response, and in the end, it helps cement that, "Hey, I'm part of a gaming community" vibe too.

So, with fifty seven votes we have the breakdown as such:

Dark Angels: an impressive 19% of the vote
Tau Empire: the majority win with 43% of the vote
Chaos Cultists: a surprising 35% of the vote
Write-in: just one vote for an Adeptus Arbites army

But then there were the comments, and the comments were nothing short of insightful and well thought out. Too much so really, because it made an easy decision into a hard one. I was going to just do whatever army popped up in first place, and hope that I got a number of votes at least in the double digits. I got so much more!

Tau Empire

As if my title didn't give it away I am going to have my cake and it too. Actually that should read: have your cake and eat it too. The response for a chaos cultist army was too overwhelming to ignore, period. I wasn't as influenced as much by the negative Tau comments (as constructive as they may have been) as I was for all the enthusiasm for some good ole cultists. Time and money are both very real factors for me however.

The Cake: Our revamped 40k campaign will be kicking off this month! It's an exciting time, and we've got new players and a new direction so it should be a blast. I just played Dark Angels, so they're going to get a rest on the tabletop, but coincidentally take the forefront in the queue so I can just get them finished and over with. I can't whip up a cultists army that fast due to the aforementioned time and money factors, and since I'm sitting on a ton of Tau Empire...I will be playing them in the upcoming campaign. The one catch is, and it's a big one; I will not be adding anything to my existing army, I will fight with what I've got put together and paitned already, I need my energy at army building in the next phase.

Eating it too: I've got a couple of Guard boxes already, plus a bag full of Bull Ogres, so it looks like the Chaos Cultists WILL see the light of day! Obviously I will need to do some slight to heavy conversion work, but it will be worth it in the long run. I have plans for two platoons of troopers right off the bat, plus some Ogryn and definitely Ratlings. I'm a flavor and fluff kind of guy, and if the army happens to be competitive, great, if not, it's no big deal. A couple of questions came up using the very old Eye of Terror codex, and it's dated, true. Very dated actually, so much so in fact that I'm going to pull an audible and just use the new Imperial Guard codex. This way I can take advantage of cool new stuff like Valkyries and Commissar Lords. This means there will be some slight proxying of course, I'm thinking specifically of subbing Chaos Hounds for Rough Riders. We've got a laid back group, as I've said a thousand times, so there shouldn't be any problems. I'm going for a slight tag label change too, instead of 'chaos cultists', we'll now be looking at 'traitor guard'.

So I give a hearty THANKS to everyone out there who left comments (or didn't leave comments), and to everyone who clicked their vote in. I also voted, but I'm not telling what for!


  1. I think this is a well thought out plan. Finish up the DA's, play the Tau, and start the Cult... err, I mean Traitors. How long would you guess it will it take you to finish the DA's and start the Traitors?

  2. For the Dark Angels I have a Dreadnought (which is almost done), ten Sternguard, and a couple of characters; a captain and a chaplain. If I focus, I should finish them up in a couple of weeks.

    I've got a couple of orders to place to make my new traitors complete in the immediate future, but I'll be starting them while I finish my DA.

    I can't work on just one project, are you kidding? Hahah...