Monday, June 1, 2009

Tau Commander Headswap

Back when he had a left "hand" which I have since removed...

After my last 'what army did I just use?' post here, and my last battle report with the Tau against the Guard I had a couple of comments (from both Barjack and Raptor1313) about my commander that was running around the battlefield.

Fighting the Necrons

A couple more angles

I really like the missile pod/plasma rifle combo, so I equipped him as such. I used a missile pod arm from an XV-88 Broadside for his pod just 'cause it looked cool. That's not what this is about though, the head; what's up with the head? The head was simply a swap out with a head from a Gundam action figure. I was at a buddy's house and in his kid's toy bin were some broken pieces, including this one cool looking head with no body. After I built my commander model I just superglued the new head in place, voila. I attached some Tau aerials and a decal off the Tau sheet which made it fairly seamless with the rest of the models of the army. If you want additional Tau conversion ideas, check out Warhammer Tau's site, there's very solid tip sand ideas which are really easy to pull off too.


  1. Ah...ok, that explains the semi-familiar vibe I got off it. It reminded me of Gundam/Armored Core.

    Thanks for posting it.

  2. No problem, there's a lens in the center of the headpiece that I've painted, but the angle's not right to see it. It was an incredibly simple swap, but made for a cool look.