Saturday, June 20, 2009

Terminator Toys for Tabletop Gaming

It's kind of funny that they're doing a direct toy tie-in to the new Terminator movie. It's been done before, but it just seems that the genre itself really isn't child friendly. Or at least, it shouldn't be child friendly. Nonetheless, Playmates is doing the new lineup and there are definite gems to be found here, not as toys, but for tabletop gaming.

The above Hunter Killer costs about twenty bucks and is eight inches long. You can pretty much ignore the T-700 it comes with (or cut him up for terrain), but the ship is just great. For it's size you almost proxy it as a Valkyrie, or keeping it in the 25mm range it could easily be a gunship, VTOL, or some type of fighter craft along those lines.

Now if you depart from the 25mm range the possibilities open up even more. If you're duking it out in 15mm (which I should do more often given my large Star Grunt II army) this ship could easily be a dropship that could feasibly hold a platoon worth of troops; maybe three squads of men plus their command squad. As I write this I'm daydreaming of painting three of these up in a desert scheme and using them in said SGII army.

Another view of the HK in the box

The T-1

This last piece is a good one too, the T-1, it costs between twelve and fourteen bucks. It comes packaged like an action figure, and judging from the size will be about 5"-6" inches tall. Absolutely perfect for 25mm troops. I missed out on picking up the ED-209 from Robocop a while back, but this actually looks cooler. One or two of these could give a full squad of troops a real headache. It almost looks like you wouldn't need to paint it up either, it's good to go as is. Given its size, I think you wouldn't need more than two.


  1. I wouldn't really say they're for kids, more for us geeks who like toys :D

    I know I'll be getting myself some of these.. <.<

  2. Wow that is weird, I actually thought of that idea and came to the same conclusion for the hunter killer. The ED-209 is good for a warhound tho

  3. I picked up an HK not too long ago, I think it will work perfectly! I need to make a few modifications to it, but my Traitor Guard will be flying in style.

    I love the ED-209, but they're rare nowadays...

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  5. Very late to this post but the Terminator toys wave is just passing Australia now. Picked up an HK and you are right: they are a perfect model. Matched up with some At-43 Therians it looks great on the table.
    Good gaming,

  6. @Andrew: Better late than never! I didn't even think about pairing these up with the Therians, you don't have to worry re-painting it either since they share the same scheme. Good gaming to you as well...

  7. Drop by some time: Andrew