Friday, June 19, 2009

Xbox Blood Bowl Star Players

TitC recently reported on four new upcoming star players

Xbox Blood Bowl is coming, and it looks like a lot of the original flavor will be kept as they have announced four more very familiar star players! Big guys like Ripper Bolgrot the Troll and the Rat Ogre Headsplitter will be included, as will Dwarf Slayer Grim Ironjaw, and Lizardman Saurus Silibili. Refer to the original article for larger pics to click on and the full lowdown on these latest additions over on the Troll in the Corner.


  1. I have never really seen many star players on the table top since there points cost seem so high and most of the time I have not been playing with all inducements.

  2. The Only thing I'm upset about is that they have decided to "wait and see" before they port it to the PS3.

    I want my Blood Bowl!

  3. @eriochrome: It does seem that Star Players have taken a back seat as of late. I've gotta look more into inducements, admittedly I'm pretty unfamiliar with the latest rules.

    @Toxin616: They'll totally port it over to PS3, I think once it hits console release (September?) it'll generate some impressive long as it doesn't suck of course.

  4. BB is available now as a digital download for about 50 bucks. The retail version (and Steam) version will be out in early September.

    I'm not sure about the Xbox 360 version but I'm assuming for the time being it's the same date.

    If the numbers are good, they'll port it to the PS3.

    I've played a few aspects on the demo (haven't gotten the retail version yet) and it's pretty darned fun.