Sunday, June 14, 2009

Traitor Guard Planning: HQ

HQ #1: Commissar Yarrick (using Daemon Prince model)

I've had my Daemon Prince sitting around in the box for some time. First I was going to do Chaos Marines, then I don't know what. I've still got him, and I think I've got the perfect place for him in my budding Traitor Guard Commissar Yarrick!

I knew I would be doing some proxying, thus the whole nature of a Traitor Guard army to begin with, but they would mostly be minor, this Daemon/Yarrick switcharoo is definitely the most progressive out there. The two work better than you think though. Let's look at Yarrick's gear compared to what you get with the Daemon model.

Carapace armor, check, though I'd like to see better than a 4+ save on the big guy, it's still better than flak! Storm bolter, check, look at that cannon on his left arm. Battle Klaw, umm yeah, he's got a big ole claw on that same bolter arm. Close combat weapon, sure, his other hand is holding a sword. Bolt pistol, frag grenades, krak grenades, etc., these are kind of nebulous, so no problem there. The last two, force field and Bale eye are both given as well and don't really need to be modeled, but it's not a stretch to think this big fellow would have both. Many of Yarrick's special abilities translate too, like 'eternal warrior', 'aura of discipline', and 'iron will'. Yarrick's statline is impressive enough so that I would feel comfortable sending my Daemon Prince into the thick of battle with no worries.

HQ#2: Primaris Psyker (using Confessor model)

For my second HQ choice I opted for the Primaris Psyker, and the plan is to use the above Cofessor Kyrinov model in that role. The main issue here is to model the Force weapon, but his holy staff there is mighty enough to fill that role. I can always stick a holstered laspistol on his side, if I need to, but I'd rather not and just assume it's under his robes. For his color scheme I shall look to Gwar and their Song of Words:
Ensign of industry, let it be raised
There the camp of the Black Pope was placed
his legions beneath, through the valleys they raced
Chariots they rode, their skulls were iron plated
Keeping with his new title of Black Pope, he'll have black robes (duh!) and if I can pull the effect off right with his skin, a pale and pallid flesh tone with reddish areas around the eyes. Although I'm not taking a Company Command squad, I think these two choices for HQ will give me the punch I may need on the tabletop (which is my secondary goal), and more importantly give lots of character in the personality department!


  1. Much as I like the DP model, I still think it's a bit off for Yarrick. I'd take something more his size, to be honest. Maybe look into Fantasy if you have to, but I think a full-sized DP won't look right.

    Confessor as Primaris? I think that's a fine shot, m'self. Not much needed there.

  2. I found an old fantasy Chaos sorcerer in my bits box just last night I may use as my Psyker (saves me some bucks!), but I see what you're saying on 'Yarrick'. Any suggestions?