Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dark Angels Dreadnought

Brother James, Venerable Dreadnought

While I've been busy painting up Blood Bowl teams and the like, my Dark Angels have been getting reinforcements! My plan after the last poll was to get the Dark Angels finished up as quickly as possible so I could get to work on my new Traitor Guard, this big fellow gets me one step closer to that goal. I built him some time ago, complete with magnetized arms (which are so hot right now), but as you can see from the first post here, he's acquired a lot more icon bling since then, and got a name change to boot!

Missile launcher and twin-linked Lascannon

I've mentioned my brother-in-law James before, who the Dreadnought is now named after. The small cameo of Ultramarines that have cropped up here are his, and a bunch of other things I should credit him with I guess! The crazy thing about James is that he is a flat out natural when it comes to painting, the term 'preternatural' pegs him to a "T".

He's not a gamer, he's never played anything more complicated than Monopoly in his life and he's never played a miniatures game. He painted those 2nd edition Ultramarines so long ago just as something to do. He's in college now, and this summer between semesters I threw a little commission work his way, namely this Dreadnought. Although it took him a little longer than he planned, it looks amazing, better than I thought it would turn out, hence the honorable name change, since I couldn't afford to pay him a tip!

Twin-linked Autocannon

When built this guy I had no idea I'd be turning over him over to someone else to paint, I might not have put every little extra detail and doo-dad on him. It works though, and he can easily pass for 'venerable' if need be. The real gem are the interchangeable weapon arms. The above twin-linked autocannon is an option in the codex, but obviously they don't make the arm (unless you count Forgeworld). I just bashed two IG guns together, applied a magnet, and there you go. I also had built a twin-linked heavy bolter, but I'm not crazy about the stats (given all the other options I have) and I didn't dig how it looked either, so it got left on the cutting room floor. Here's some more weapon options.

Power Fist with Storm Bolter and Assault Cannon

Closeups of the weapon options

Closeup of the front (I will add text to the book later)

Rear view


  1. An absolutely fantastic looking Dreadnought. The green is strong and the coverage is seamless. Beautiful job!

    So how do you go about doing the magnets? I so need to do that.

  2. That's a pretty sweet dread, all in all. Sharp paint job, and all the bits on it do indeed let it pass itself off as Venerable. At least the DA codex still gets a good deal on the Venerable dreads, even if the SM 'dex can get the double-twin-autocannon flak dread.

    For the magnets, I'm assuming Rare Earth magnets on the side, and you just removed the arm pins?

  3. I must say I love the use of the Storm Shield on the Lascannon arm. It looks great.

  4. Thanks everyone, I would've responded earlier but I've been out of town. Yeah, I couldn't be happier with this big guy, here's a link to hi construction...with magnets, and video!