Thursday, June 11, 2009

Troll Big Guy

Da Troll

Following up on the latest Orc Blood Bowl team, the Grosse Pointe Greenbacks, I whipped up this 'Big Guy', I thought they were missing something! Just like with that team, this big guy is all bits box, I found him at the bottom of a sorting bowl while sifting for some Quar (which I found by the way). I wish I could take credit for the cool rat-squeezing action, but that belongs to Oz, who also painted his feet to look like sandals!

This guy was in pretty sad shape when I recovered him, so I repainted most of his skin and touched up a lot of other areas like claws and fur. I also based him, which doesn't look the greatest in these pics, so I may go touch him up a bit more in that department. I didn't put a number on his base because he is the sixteenth player and being a big Troll, you shouldn't have a hard time picking him out on the pitch!


  1. Awesome dude, I am using the exact same troll for my orc team. I like the squig or whatnot you've converted into his hand.

  2. Thanks guys, he was fun to paint up, but I feel I rushed a tad. Although I'm not a big Orc team fan, a part of me really wants to get this guy on the pitch knocking some heads!