Thursday, July 30, 2009

3:16 Meets Lego

The NPC crew of 3:16

Obviously 3:16 has been getting a lot of airplay here at Mik's Minis. We're on the verge of playing our campaign, and I'm excited about it!

Well, it's hard to get away from Legos in whatever I do, and this is no exception. The look and feel of 3:16 is over-the-top-carnage (carnage is in the title even), so I went for this style with the figs. Their MandelBrite armor needs to look tough, and menacing, and the trickiest part is capturing those ambiguous, domey helmets. I dove deep in the Lego bins and pulled out some Insectoids shoulder armor and helmets that work beautifully. The weapons were fun to make, and incorporate both new ideas and some borrowed ones.

There's still human beings inside the armor, so I had to capture individual personalities while at the same time keeping it militant and sci-fi. Somehow I lucked into using nothing but heads that have headset microphones, and were all different to boot. This was a blast tinkering around with, and I'll let the pics and captions speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Captain Baker and Major Hibernus Mortis

Trooper Lubbock, Sergeant Burns, and Trooper Falco

Tech Support Troopers Jenkins and Jackson

The guns of 3:16

Captain Baker and the bayonet-fixed Heavy MG

Sgt. Burns and his trusty Rocket Pod

Trooper Falco hefts the deadly E-Cannon

Major Mortis, cool and reserved with his PowerClaw and sidearm

Trooper Lubbock and his lucky Flame-Gun

Trooper Falco with the Flechette (needler) Gun

Sgt. Burns with the reliable, drum-fed Shotgun and combat knife

Captain baker inspects a trooper's Energy Rifle

Tech Support with standard issue Slug Rifles

Arms and armor inspection prior to planetfall

Dirtside and ready!

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  1. Very fun! and Happy Birthday!

  2. Fantastic! Now what is 3:16?

  3. Thanks Shelexie! We actually played through our first game the other night too, I just need to write it up.

    @HuronBH: 3:16 is quite the cool, little sci-fi shoot-em-up RPG set in a world not unlike Aliens and Starship Troopers. Just click the 3:16CAtS tag in this post!

  4. Major Hibernus Mortis huh? great South Florida Death Metal Band!

  5. Ha! I was wondering if that little detail would ever get out, guilty as charged!