Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Little Lead Heroes

Super-cyborg Ape! Raaaargh!

All right, so I've mentioned Andy, geez, I don't know how many times. Well, according to my cool, little Google search widget on the right, I've mentioned Andy fifty one times in my posts here at Mik's Minis. I'd say it's a safe bet that he's been at the table of at least 90% of all the games I've played this year. Anyway, he's got a new blog.

Surrounded by pure awesomeness!

Not too long ago I pimped two other blogs, the Sons of Twilight, and Wanna B Painter. In both cases, these are people I had no idea were even alive this time last year, but now, if we lived in the same zip code, we'd probably be gaming all the time.

Well, Andy's on the opposite end of the scale. We first met sixteen years ago in 1993 for a local Blood Bowl league that hosted about a dozen teams. We've been gaming on a regular pretty much ever since then. There's others, sure. I started playing Twilight 2000 with another buddy Mike back in fourth grade! I started second edition DnD with Oz in 1990, and Ray and I first slapped down the first edition Rogue Trader and plastic beakies back in '87. I'm leaving people out, but it's not intentional. Needless to say, I am lucky because I still game with these guys. But I digress, we were talking about Andy's new blog.

Modern day witch hunters and vampire slayers

I guess that's about all I've got for now, rather than listen to me blather on, just do yourself a favor and go check out the new digs over at Little Lead Heroes.


For the freakin' Emperor!

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