Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chupacabra Burgers

Now...that's a burger!

Let's talk burgers today, big, tasty burgers. It's not just the burger itself, it's what you put on it...and in it. Here's an easy burger recipe that you don't have to be a culinary school graduate to pull off, and unlike my chicken nachos recipe, I will not require your veggies off the ingredients list to come from your own garden, like mine did!

...and my wife's plate

You'll note in both pics a tasty beverage which accompanies and compliments the taste of these burgers beautifully. From its rich, amber hue it could only be Newcastle Brown Ale.
Newcastle Brown Ale pours a crystal clear brown-amber that produces a transient tan head. As is expected, the aromas that rise from the glass are a mixture of subtle nuttiness and sublime biscuit and toasted caramel. As is common with brown ales, hop aroma is nearly non-existent. Upon drinking, a gentle wash coats the palate pleasingly without the sting of carbonation bite. Faint almond and cashew flavors intertwine with notes of sweet malt and caramel. The carbonation level of Newcastle’s offering is low, leading to a smooth finish and easy drinkability. Subsequent bitterness provided by the earthy English hops is balanced perfectly with the overall malty character. For a “simple” style, there is definite complexity of character in this beer. -The Bachelor Guy

You'll need to dress 'em with veggie goodness

Mik's Minis Chupacabra Burgers
x3 jalapeños
x1 pound ground beef 80/20
x3 hamburger buns
x1 tomato
x1 avocado
x1 packet taco seasoning
x1 onion
x1 egg
x1/3 head lettuce
x3 pieces sliced goat cheese (specialty cheese counter)
x1/3 block sharp cheddar, shredded

1. Thoroughly combine ground beef, egg, taco seasoning, and shredded cheese in a medium bowl. You're going for big burgers, so don't skimp on the patties. Weigh out three equal sized portions and form into patties. A tip here is to keep the outer edges of your patty thicker than the center. Place on plate and put into refrigerator.

2. Turn on grill (I use a gas grill) or warm up coals, etc. and leave lid open to preheat.

3. While grill is preheating and burgers are chilling, slice your onion, tomato, and lettuce. Also skin and cut the avocado into pieces and slice the jalapeños.

Now you're ready to grill!

4. Before placing your patties on the grill, spray the grates with a nonstick cooking spray. I like a good, indirect heat when I grill. Turn the burners where the burgers are to a medium low, and the empty front burners on high.

5. The biggest mistake you can do with your burgers is to flip them over and over again. Flip them just once or twice at the most...and don't press down on the patties with your spatula! You're just squeezing out all the flavor!

Can't you almost smell them?

6. When your patties are done being flipped, place a wide layer of the sliced jalapeños on the burger. Don't stack them, just a wide, even layer.

7. Carefully place your thin slice goat cheese over the jalapeños and burgers, turn the burners under the patties to low, and close the lid of the grill. This stuff melts quick, count to maybe twenty in your head, then open the grill up. You should have a nice 'ghost' effect as in the above pic, your burgers are ready, get ready to eat.

8. Stack those veggies on high! Whatever you like, but the more the better. Unless you absolutely can't stand one of the ones listed, put it on, even if you don't like [veggie x] by itself, you might be surprised when its taste mingles with the others.

Here at Mik's Minis we make 'happy plates' (and glasses)

This meal is all about the burger, stick to that and you'll go far. You'll notice there's no side dishes here don't need them. Our culture has told us every meal needs appetizers, desert, side items, etc. When you've got big, juicy burgers like these, you don't need that other stuff. Truth be told we did munch on some yellow corn chips and green salsa while I was prepping everything, but that was about it.

I made three patties, we ate two, and the third one made a great lunch the next day right out of the fridge. You may be tired of hearing about my garden and veggies, heh, but it was neat to pull my own tomatoes off the vine and slice jalapeños I also grew in the backyard. I'd love to hear from anyone who gives these a try! Enjoy!


  1. Thanks now I am hungry, looks like I will have to think about firing up the grill. The burgers sound great I will have to give them a try!

  2. I have a barbeque. I have all the ingrediants at hand... and it's beeping raining... I hate britain sometimes

  3. Why do you make the sides thicker than the middle?

  4. because the sides will cook faster than the middle I would have thought, If it were the same width, the outside would burn whilst the middle was cooked

  5. Peter has it...if he weren't in freakin' rainy England I'd send him a burger! I want to go to rainy England!

    BJ, let me know how they turn out!

  6. Huh. I'll have to give that a try next time we cook out.

  7. Why would you want to... gah!

    also Isn't the Chupacabra a mexian legend that steals sheep or something?

  8. Yeah Peter, that's the play on words I went with. These burgers used to be called "Fiesta Burgers" around the house because of the taco seasoning, so there's your Mexican bent to it. With the addition of the goat cheese, (Chupacabra is know as the 'goat sucker'), you've got their new, catchy name.

  9. So, did you actually recommend spraying the grates with non-stick cooking spray? Do you ever get a blow torch effect? I have just been wiping mine with olive oil because I was concerned about a flaming can of cooking spray! =)

  10. I guess if you did a continual spray on one area, yeah, you'd be toast, haha. No, just a light spray back and forth over the grates will do. With burgers it doesn't matter as much, they don't tend to stick like say chicken breast or something.