Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Fruits of my Labor

Remember this little guy?

Not only is this one pepper ready to come off, check out that new one coming along behind it. It's even bigger than the one I posted on originally. This one plant is bearing fruit already, way ahead of schedule, and I counted at least half a dozen little 'pods' (flowers) on it today as I "harvested my crop". I should do a follow up on the garden in general, everything has taken off, we've had a lot of heat and a lot of rain lately, and those two factors combined with daily pruning have made for some great looking plants.

Washed and prepped for surgery, the ultimate organ donation

I admire many of the singular blogs out there that stick to just one thing, usually it's 40k or something else. I really admire those that not only stick to one thing, but narrow it down on top of that and just do one army, or terrain, or the like. For me, I obviously can't do that, haha. What the heck does gardening have to do with gaming? Well, we've already covered this, it's got everything, then again, nothing to do with gaming.

A single pepper yields more than it looks

Mik's Minis Green Chili Nachos

Just how many GAMING blogs post recipes, aye? I know what you're saying, "If you're posting a recipe, you're not exactly a gaming blog now are you?" To that end, I say a resounding "Bah!" So, here's a first for me, Green Chili Nachos, Mik's Minis style:

Mik's Minis Green Chili Nachos
corn tortilla chips
green salsa
one large chicken breast
spicy chipotle marinade
sliced pepper jack cheese
banana pepper (that you grew in your own freaking backyard)

1. Marinate the chicken for at least one hour. Preheat outdoor grill to high and use cooking spray over grates prior to placing chicken on grill. Cook until chicken is done throughout, trying to turn each piece a minimal amount of time. Once finished, take the chicken off of the grill, put the pieces on a plate, and set aside.

2. Arrange whole tortilla chips on a platter, picking the ones that are most flat. Fold each slice of pepper jack cheese into quarters, making four separate pieces, arrange one piece per chip. Next place half of a teaspoon of green salsa on each chip (on top of the pepper jack). Dice the banana pepper...that you grew in your own freaking backyard into rings and set aside on a separate plate, do not put them on the nachos yet.

3. Your chicken should have cooled down by this point, enough to cut it into cubes or small strips, do so, and then place one piece of cut chicken on the bed of green salsa on each chip. Next, garnish each piece of chicken with a ring of banana pepper that you grew in your own freaking backyard. Serve with a cold beverage and enjoy.


  1. That actually looks pretty tasty. Chipotle seasoning is ALWAYS a win, and pepperjack?

    I can't really say I've tried green salsa much, but I'm sure it's worth a shot.

  2. Munchies and Beer both go hand and hand with gaming, so I say Nacho recipes are perfect for a gaming blog. Quiche recipes maybe not so much...

  3. Thanks Brian, I knew someone would connect the dots, nachos, beer, and gaming? Duh, it's the perfect fit.

    @Raptor1313: It actually was very tasty, I was planning on doing something else, but was out of refried beans. Pick up some green salsa next time, it's not too shabby.

  4. when hobbying (okay i still havent in months!) I prefer something less sticky like... um... anyway, I love hot foods... how hot were they?

  5. The banana peppers themselves were rather mild (I do have some jalpeno, habenero, and cayenne still to come though), but combined with the spicy salsa and the flavorful marinade, it was good overall. Not so hot you lose the flavor, but hot enough to warn someone if they didn't like hot foods.

    Get to gaming, man!

  6. Looking good man! I can't wait for my zucchini to come in.

  7. Thanks you two, I need to post a follow-up, 'cause it's absolutely exploded in greenery out there!