Friday, July 24, 2009

The Dastardly Samsung Glyde

So I've had this phone for about a year, and since day one it seems, I've been having constant trouble with it. I've had it "reprogrammed" twice, but to no avail. This last time I asked them to give me the straight info about the phone, and the sales reps said it was "the biggest mistake the company ever made". The one star reviews on Amazon are 100%.

As you can tell, I won't be using this phone anymore, I did get a new one, and this time NO touch screen, haha. So enjoy these films, obviously they're intended to be lighthearted, but truth be told, I did take considerable satisfaction in smashing it. If you, or someone you know, is considering the Samsung Glyde, I advise against it!


  1. I have a personal tendency to throw my phone sometimes after certain conversations. This caused me to break the attenea off. Lucky I had a spare phone which I swap parts out of to replace it.

    It turns out I did not tighten the screws enough since now my phone is missing 2 and has a tendency just to turn off if closed to hard.

    Wife says that what I get for throwing my cell phone repeatedly.

  2. Man, I really wanted to see it electrocute the tire! Your camera person is awesome and I am pretty impressed with the toughness of the phone if not the reliability. I recently got a touch pod for graduation and the touch screen works really well, though I don't know how that translates to an i-phone. Hope the new phone works out for you!

  3. Just google 'Samsung Glyde' and you'll see endless diatribes o' hate on this infernal device.

    My buddy has a real 'throwing the phone around' habit as well, in fact, he just folded his flip over backwards and put his last phone out of its misery.

    My camera person was pretty great that day, haha. My new phone is so much better it's not even funny, it's night and day. You've got to get the dice rolling app for your iPod Shelexie, one of the guys in our group has that and it's just too fun for words.

  4. Now if they'd only made the phone as functional as it was durable... :)

  5. Geez, tell me about it, this phone was TOUGH! It mocked me with its rock-solidness.