Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rune Halfhammer, Dwarf Summoner

Rune, my character for our upcoming 4e Áereth campaign

Name: Rune Halfhammer
Race: Dwarf
Class: Wizard (2nd level)

STR: 10
DEX: 10
CON: 18
INT : 17
WIS: 13
CHA: 8
Armor Class: 17
Fortitude: 15
Reflex: 14
Will: 14

Trained Skills:
Arcana 9, Dungioneering 9, Insight 7, History 9

Ritual Caster, Armor Proficiency (Leather), Careful Summoner

Weapons and armor:
+1 Warhammer, +1 Leather Armor of Resistance

+1 Cloak of Resistance, +1 Tome of Forty Steps, Standard Adventurer's Kit

Racial and class abilities:
Dwarven Weapon Proficiency, Cast-Iron Stomach, Encumbered Speed, Dwarven Resilience, Stand Your Ground

Power Index:
At-will: Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Storm Pillar, Magic Missile
Encounter: Astral Wasp
Daily: Summon Fire Warrior, Rolling Thunder
Utility: Summon Shadow Serpent, Shield

Spellbook Rituals:
Unseen Servant
Brew Potion
Tenser's Floating Disk

*note: I didn't paint the above fig (obviously), but I do own that Rackham figure and plan to paint it up as my character, I'll also make a Lego version of course. Making the Wizard character was tricky, some of these spells/powers may change.


  1. Yep, I do not know anything about 4e. Would get the books to read but since I have no plans of playing it and a family and mortgage I will probably not. I have spent a lot of mobey in the past on games never played so I am working on correcting that.

  2. I actually hadn't seen the model before. I really like the Rackham stuff. Nice dwarf for 4e. The Fire Warrior and Rolling Thunder seem very dwarf-y too =)

  3. Ah okay, so he's a wizard?

    Man it says Ranger at the top and I was thinking "wow, 4e has changed a lot of things if Rangers use these spells" :)

    Are you planning on weapon swapping the mini? I think he'd look wicked with your warhammer :)

  4. @Brad: 4e's fun, it's a great game for a laid back group that just wants to hang out and push around some figures on a map. Of course, if you don't have a group playing 4e...

    @Shelexie: Rackham used to have some awesome stuff. I got lucky and snagged a bunch (Dwarf and Barbarian) on super-mega clearance a while back. I'm not blown away by his look on paper, but hopefully my mind will change after a game or two.

    @Karitas: Yeah, haha, fixed! I copy and pasted the same 'template' from my Half-Orc Ranger. Yeah, my Lego version's got a Warhammer, I guess I need to cut and paste on the mini too! (and get a feat to let me use the familiar on his back...)