Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Even More Blood Bowl Teams

I recently became the caretaker of FIVE more teams

Remember last month when I had mentioned the cabin full of gaming? I had also said that many of our gaming buddies who had moved off still make it back for it, and Marc (who I should say is much more than just a "gaming buddy") was one such peep, coming all the way from New Jersey. This time he brought me his gaming stuff...all of his gaming stuff. He doesn't have much use for it where he's at, and doesn't have a gaming group of his own, all of which I'm lucky to have, so his stuff found a new home. I've already got one of the teams, a Chaos team shown above, below I'll detail the other four.

The Beardies

The grass is always greener on the other side, and I'm always envious of everyone else's painting skills around me, and Marc is no exception. These Dwarves are pretty much good to go as is, I'll have to look at a current roster to see what I need / could add to the group. It's also neat for me because I've never coached a Dwarf team before.

High Elves

I had Wood Elves, who were seriously fragile (but fast!), but I haven't had the chance to coach a High Elf team before. A tad slower, but thankfully better armor, they almost seem like the dream team on paper, although they're lacking in the crunch department. These guys have a nice bright color scheme too, I like them a lot.


Going along here, it's almost like a checklist of everything team I didn't already have. These Skaven look great, and the detail on the Rat Ogre is pretty amazing. I've never looked at the Gutter Runner figs before up close, they take the cake.

The Deadrock Goyles

It's weird taking these guys into custody so to speak. This was Marc's team that took home the champion cup in a huge, fifteen team league that ran for about six months. As you can see, one of their team colors in, well, pink, and their name is the 'Goyles', so not only did you usually get beat by this team, but they're in pink! Credit goes to Marc, he was an absolute brutal player and he could pick you apart with ease on the pitch. Hopefully I'll be able to do them justice. There's a lot of vintage 2nd edition figs in there too.


  1. Pretty soon you will have a real collection going there. The only problem with having so many teams is that when the time comes to actually play you have a hard time deciding which to use.

    I recently found small local league and my first 2 choices of teams were already being played so I am now trying to decide which of my many other teams to play. Everytime I think I have made up my mind I change it again.

  2. I know, one more team and I'm up to a full dozen! I've got a bunch of old WHFB Lizardmen and Skinks laying around, so I may do your trick and covnert them.

    If no one is doing Skaven, you should roll with your vintage team, those guys look cool.

  3. Very cool. Can you really have too many BB teams? I think not.

    Nice looking teams.

    PS - I see you have two copies of the Prince Moranian High Elf Star Player. Let me know if you want to trade/sell the extra. I have a High Elf team sitting in BB box waiting it's turn to be painted (currently 3rd in the queue behind the Ogres and Amazons).

  4. Problem is I can also roll with vintage Elves, Dwarves, Dark Elves, and Orcs.