Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Making room for more...

Filling up an eight foot table

Yesterday I talked about the five new teams my buddy Marc brought down for me. Since he's not in a gaming atmosphere where he's at, I've become the new caretaker of all his stuff. The Blood Bowl teams were just part of the loot. Having an influx of hundreds of miniatures, and making room for them all is a wonderful problem to have. I'm not complaining, but it did take me the better part of the weekend to sort through all of my old stuff, take inventory of all the new stuff, and get it all packed away or on display.

Sorting the storage boxes

I went through all my boxes and basically emptied them out and reshuffled the lot. For most of the boxes, they weren't packed efficiently, making for more than what I needed. Plus, stuff was scattered about and just kind of thrown in wherever it would fit. I went through everything and tried to lump them together as best as I could, either by genre, manufacturer, or army. By doing this I was able to toss out a whopping eight old 'Devilfish' sized boxes. I also split my giant box of junk and bits into two smaller boxes; one with whole/inccomplete figs and one with just pieces and parts. I also picked out all the garbage that had accumulated over the years like Lego bits, action figure guns, and the like.

A nice by-product

This area of my game room has always been a clutter magnet. You can see this easily in both this pic as well as this one. Since I was cleaning and organizing, I tackled this area too. It's funny, I don't even know how to play Chess, but at least you can see my chessboard now. In the middle are also a couple of Pig Iron tanks I need to work on, and in the plastic tub behind them is my Star Grunt II army (in 15mm). Over on the left would be where I would like to have a little liquor bar and a few glasses, that'll have to wait and two near-empty bottles of Bourbon will have to suffice for now.

Center-newly organized and labeled boxes



My book ends...

I've snapped a pic of these before, but never really talked about them. I used to collect toys almost as much as I did comic books (which was a LOT). I'm kind of out of both of those hobbies now, but managed to hang on to a few of my personal picks. GI Joe was my favorite by far, I think anyone in their mid-thirties would say the same, and I kept my absolute faves from 1982 to about 1987. I limited myself to just one fig per year, so it was hard narrowing down the choices. Another pride and joy here is my vintage Kirk Mego figure, although he's not worth buckets of cash, which doesn't really matter anyway, I still like the fig. There's a bunch of other tidbits up there, but my holy grail is with my Blue Snaggletooth. You could only pick this one up for a little less than a year in 1978, and only then in a Sear-only exclusive play set that included a cantina and four other figures. Not only is this fig my holy grail, but it came my way as a complete surprise from my wife one Valentine's Day.


  1. Nice, that looks like a very comfortable space to do some painting. Wish there's a window nearby though.

    Oh well, I can't say much, I live in a hostel and space here is limited...

  2. Thanks, it serves as a good, little lair when needed. There is a window down there, but sadly it's nowhere near the painting area...