Friday, July 3, 2009

Garden Update

The side bed, here's a before shot

Well, let me start off by saying how incredibly fun and incredibly easy gardening has been! I got so excited a while back when the first banana pepper came in, but man, everything is growing now. In fact, things are going a little too well. I didn't space my beds enough, if you click the caption's before pic, you'll see how small everything looked, but now that it's under full swing, these beds are overcrowded.

For want of tomato cages

I did not use tomato cages in the beginning, it seemed like overkill with those tiny little plants. Now I'm kicking myself for not using them. These plants are nearly out of control, I think this entire bed could have been planted with just TWO plants, not the eight I put in there, it's like a jungle in there. I also put four green pepper plants in there too, sadly, they are not getting any light and will probably die at worst, not grow at best.

Some 'maters nestled in the jungle

jalapeños coming along beautifully

Waiting for all the cayennes to turn red

The MVP of the garden, the single banana pepper plant

New Mexico Big Jims, coming along...

I was feeling confident, and on top of the garden I thought I'd start some herbs too. I planted six pots, I don't remember what all is in there, some of the usual (parsley, basil, anise...) and some other ones too. These are a little slow going, but I'm hoping they'll take off. My 'vision ' was that I'd have eleven total herbs and spices so I could boast the same garden as a certain Colonel in the fast food industry. Unless these six take off though...

If you're still reading this far, you may actually care about what I have to say in the botanical fields (and not miffed that a "40k blog" is waxing so not 40k! Well, the missus has bought into the garden now, trying to directly incorporate what we are growing into new recipes. We've been using the banana peppers for a while, and are about to start in on the jalapeños too. It's been good with my daughter too, who has helped with planting, watering, pruning, picking, and the like. I can't get her to eat any of it (yet) but it's been nice doing it with her. Lastly is my secret to success; there is none. Other than the twenty bucks or so I put into the plants in the beginning, and a little elbow grease to making the beds, I've done nothing other than make sure to water it every evening. Oh, and I talk to my plants too.

Now that the plants are as high as my dog, she's stopped messing with them


  1. Ok, not sure what to say about you talking to your plants but the pictures look great. I have zucchini plants that have taken off and look a little like your jungle shots. I will post pics soon. Thanks for the new hobby =)

  2. I think I'd been doing it for a while, but last time I was out pruning I caught myself talking to the plants. Just tonight we had fresh jalapeños on our takeout tacos!