Thursday, July 2, 2009

WIP: Discilian Apostates

First two squads of the first platoon

Sheesh, the above figs are jsut a hundred points? Are you kidding me, haha. Anyway, here's my Discilian Apostates I'm working on for my Traitor Guard army. I should jot down their fluff from my dated Eye of Terror codex, but I'll save that for later. I outfitted each squad the same, the Sergeant has a bolt pistol and there's a flamer in each squad. I also put a Vox caster in each squad, just 'cause the big ole radio pack looks neat.

As I mentioned in my planning post, I went with the Arthurian range of heads from West Wind. Shipping from across the pond wasn't too bad, and I'm happy with what I got. I'm going to need more though, this was kind of a test run. I'll need some heads for the platoon command squad, and maybe some heavy weapon squads too.

Squad One ("cool" name to come)

Squad Two

Dos Sergeants

I like the pose on the right quite a bit, it's kind of like he's shouldering through a door or something. The fellow on the left has a cool hooded head too, but you can't tell from the blurry pics. I took regular marine bolt pistols, cut off the back ends, and placed them in the empty hands where I cut away the existing laspistols.

Blurry flamers

I so did not like the flamers that come in the Cadian box. I didn't like the straps, I didn't like the fuel line going to the backpacks, I didn't like the straight left arm...can you tell there wasn't a whole lot I like about them? I do like the marine flamers though, so I took a regular lasgun arm, cut off the gun at the hand, cut the back end off a marine flamer, then just stuck the two halves together, voilĂ . They came out not too shabby too!

Vox casters

Again, my pics suck, my camera is old, ugh. It's not like I use decent lighting anyway, ahem. Here's a couple of vox casters, I don't even know what they do, but I'm guessing they'll be important with all the new orders being shouted around.

Initial test heads

Hopefully this gives a better look of the hooded heads


  1. That's a brilliant idea! Those west wind heads work nicely and give the models a unique feel.

    Since they're apostates are you going to carve off the imperial eagles?

  2. Thanks! I daresay that they look just a tad better up close too, I just took some bad photos here. I will be slicing off the lasgun eagles, and any torso eagles that didn't get covered up too. I also need to go back and drill those bolt pistol barrels...