Monday, August 10, 2009

The Adventuring Party

You know me, if it can feasibly be done in Lego, I'm going to do it. So our 4e campaign is underway, and around these parts, Lego figs have pretty much always been the standard in representing the party. It's just plain fun, and no matter what kind of character you have on paper, you'll be able to find parts to make it for the tabletop.

Part of this goes way back too, it would seem that whenever someone actually painted up a metal (or plastic) fig to represent their character for a game, the game would invariably tank soon afterwards. Lego figs are a great way around this little curse.

Grimlock, Half-Orc Warden

Grimlock took on a new guise, eschewing his old class for a new one. All I had to do, fig-wise was ditch the second weapon and add a shield. I would like to put a beard on him too, but all of the official beards are crazy and long, so I'll have to pick up a Brickforge one at some point. While I'm at it, I'll get him some proper pauldrons to boot.

Freya, Half-Orc Druid

There's something that's grabbed me about Half-Orcs in the new edition I can't quite put my finger on. The idea of the noble savage is pretty cool and I like the close links to nature. Freya, as the name suggests, is a female, so we'll see what transpires between the two. Since this Druid will be my secondary character, they'll never actually be "on screen" at the same time. I need to think about getting a better quarterstaff for her too.

Hawk, Human Monk

Monks are always fun to do in Lego because they require very little in way of accoutrements. Ray's Hawk here is pretty much just an Annakin head and body with a hair swap and the addition of the Indiana Jones satchel, no weapons though.

Helkonde, Human Cleric

After our last game something kept bugging me about Andy's cleric character on the table. Just the fig mind you, not anything else, so I gave him an overhaul. I ditched the purple shield and cape for a more intense red, and I went with a red helmet too. His mace got a slight update, and I kept the head but switched out the torso for one that had red trim in but still had obvious chainmail in there. Now he really looks the part, ready to bash some skulls in the name of his god! Hopefully his secondary character will be as fun to make.

Elric, Genasi Swordmage and Theidifoe, Dragonborn Fighter

In an unprecedented move, our other party member, Chri3, made his own Lego characters. I wish I had pics of them because they both look cool. The Swordmage uses a Voldemort head with a gray cloak / hood and the Dragonborn uses Killer Croc from Batman as the base. Next time I'll grab some pics to replace the above placeholders.

From the cutting room floor...

You may remember my camera operator from my cell phone video. As I was geeking away, a grown man taking photos of little Lego men, I noticed something creeping into the frame from off camera...someone was trying to get in on the photo shoot on the sly! So here we have little six year old fingers and her 'character' getting in on the act.


  1. Great post, I'm having to get caught up on your lego posts! I need some orcs minifigs!

  2. I've got a ton of Lego posts to boot, I think my first post ever was a Lego one. I'm telling you, they're the perfect complement to just about any genre RPG!