Monday, August 3, 2009

Clash on Klimt

Mission Briefing: Planet Klimt

planet type: dense atmosphere
alien threat: class 6
alien type: sentient planet
alien ability: leaping
secondary mission: propaganda
"Satan's Finest"
Planet Klimt is the fourth planet in the Tycho system. Klimt is a small planet, roughly half the size of Mother Terra, and has a densely clouded atmosphere, making initial scans of the surface difficult. The surface atmosphere is thick with vapor and lower cloud formations with a poisonous gas mixture; type 2 MandelBrite suits recommended.

The natives were quickly eliminated with gene-engineered chemical bombs from orbit over the major population centers with the virus spreading quickly from there. Fourteen days later, kill-teams swept the surface and gave the all clear signal. Science teams moved into the metropolitan areas for study, but contact was soon lost. It was determined that the flora and fauna of the planet had become aggressive and began attacking expedition ground forces. Expedition gene bombs weren't engineered for these lifeforms.

Astaroth battalion of the 3:16 was sent in.

The nature of the planet wasn't fully understood until the Ministry of Peace sent in their own SPECTREs to investigate. Using seismic generators, they were able to provoke the planet into exerting its will through the various types of flora and fauna. Once this will was exerted, the SPECTREs were then able to track the control signals of the planet itself to several hive nexus nodes below the surface. Each individual squad in the battalion was given a localized nuclear explosive to place in the hive node for detonation.

The SPECTRES would also use this opportunity to document ground forces in action to send back to Mother Terra as testimonial to man's galactic achievements. The following is one such given testimonial by a trooper of Delta Squad:
My Conformist Counselor back on Terra had strongly suggested the Expeditionary Forces were right for me, and, as always, she was correct. I may not have racked up as many kills as some of the other pukes in training, but my ability to keep my **** together when it hit the fan saw me rapidly promoted to Sergeant of Delta Squad, Gorgon Platoon, Poseidon Company.

I further demonstrated my abilities on our first mission to Klimt by coolly dispatching aliens with only my sidearm as I led our small part in the destruction of this sentient planet. I used the Strength of my memories of the first time I left Terra, [when] they removed my Testosterone Negator and Aggression Inhibitors. I had never felt so free and alive! Delta squad followed me to the underground hive nexus target, planted our suitcase nuke [this portion removed by the Ministry of Peace] and got the **** out of there. I earned my callsign, Satan, and a promotion to Lieutenant of Gorgon Platoon for being cold and cool in the ****.

This is the life!! I can’t wait to do my time out here and return to Terra to live out my days in peace and happiness. -Lieutenant Epsilon, 'Satan'

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