Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Massacre on Matisse

Mission Briefing: Planet Matisse

planet type: desert world
alien threat: class 5
alien type: flying
alien ability: enrage
secondary mission: investigation
"I lost my soul when I fell to earth
My planets called me to the void of my birth
The time has come for me to kill this game
Now open wide and say my name."
-"Space Lord", Monster Magnet
Matisse is the first planet from its sun with habitable zones in the Tycho system. It is a large world covered in barren deserts of a multitude of colorful sands and soils. The atmosphere is very arid and thin, yet breathable by human standards. The vastness of its plains and colorful sands will prove difficult for the unaided eye to comprehend. Mild sandstorms across the surface are not uncommon, but are fortunately only a minor irritants and pose no real threat to expedition ground forces. Type 1 MandelBrite suits recommended.

The natives of Matisse are a biped race averaging four and a half feet tall. They are slim creatures with two pairs of wings that greatly resemble those of dragonflies back on Mother Terra. The aliens have a unique emotional signature on their heads and test subjects have shown that the more agitated and aggressive they become, the greater the short tendrils on their heads will pulsate with chemical fire.

The defenses of the Matisse aliens comprised surface-to-air turrets that fired two meter long shards of a synthesized crystal able to bring down an expedition landing craft. It is unknown why the natives needed these installations. The individuals of what could best be termed the warrior cast carried long, arm-affixed cannons that fired bursts of needle-like crystals. These "fire lances" could also be used in melee to impale their victims. The aliens lived in underground complexes accessible by earthen mounds on the surface.

Delta squad of the 3:16 had suffered severe casualties from their last mission, and were resupplied with a number of new troopers. This would be the first combat drop of their budding careers. In addition to engaging the enemy with zeal and tenacity, a side mission was put in Lt. Satan's hands personally by the Ministry of Peace. Members of another squad in a separate company were suspected of selling stolen alien tech from planet Klimt. Delta squad was to investigate and report back their findings.


  1. Great to see 3:16 getting some serious gameplay out there.
    Love the reports.
    Where'd you get the planet images by the way?

  2. We've just scratched the surface of 3:16! Our group keeps a pretty busy schedule, but there's a lot of momentum gaining for 3:16 with us, two games down and it's getting better and better.

    The planet images were just Google searches like "green planet", "desert planet", etc. and some patience sifting through the riff-raff.

    Thanks for stopping by, if you haven't seen our Lego PC's, click the tag labeled '3:16'...

  3. Excellent! Google search is the answer to everything after all...Who knew?
    I've sent a link off to Gregor, I'm sure he'll get a kick out of the lego pictures too

  4. Thanks a lot, though I think I already spammed him with a Lego link, haha!

    I was all set to run some MouseGuard with our group and was getting into to it, but all it took was one glance at my buddy's copy of the 3:16 rules and I was hooked. I abandoned MouseGuard altogether, and plopped down for the 3:16 rulebook the same day.

    Needless to say, we've got a lot of momentum going into to it. I'll keep the game reports coming in and hopefully I can bribe my players to post some 'trooper testimonials' too!